Blue Monday is more than an invention, it is a marketing success story

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Blue Monday is more than an invention, it is a marketing success story

From early in the morning, Blue Monday has been a trending topic on Twitter in Spain. The media have already published a long list of contents from the very beginning, from the best antidote rollers to those that explain – for yet another year – why this is the saddest day of the year, through those who remember that everything is a strategy marketing and that the day is based on a certain smoke. In spite of this, Blue Monday will be one of those topics  england cell phone numbers  of the day, which will possibly also end up in the news and other ‘usual’ media, and which will be kept in the news drawer of every year pending that Blue Monday 2020 arrives when you finish taking advantage of it.

And yes, Blue Monday is a marketing invention . A few years ago, a researcher at Cardiff University created a formula for selecting the most depressing day of the year. It was a Monday in January when the Christmas hangover, the accumulated expenses and the fact that the January salary was still too far away was going to make us feel especially miserable. The researcher’s work was, yes, a “commissioned” conclusion.

Behind it all was a communication agency, Porter Novelli, who was campaigning for a travel television network whose communication he managed, Sky Travel. The campaign was a success, of course. The media were enthusiastic about the content and Blue Monday was a hot topic. It was in 2005, but has remained so ever since. It is not necessary for the media to receive a press release recalling the initiative. We already remembered it and we already took advantage of it in many contents.

With each passing year, in fact, Blue Monday is more and more popular and manages to arouse more and more interest among consumers. You just have to see the graph of Google Trends and as each year the peaks of interest are higher to understand it. The day has already entered popular culture and has become a calendar highlight.+

But why was Blue Monday so much more successful than other campaigns? Why did a press release and a more or less interesting study manage to settle so clearly and reach the media and consumers in such a remarkable way? The truth is that it could be said that Blue Monday added all the key ingredients to achieve success, not only to attract the attention of the media but also to connect with consumers.

The touch of science
El primer elemento que explica el éxito que ha tenido el Blue Monday es el punto de la ciencia. No se trata simplemente de que hayan decidido que ese día sea la jornada dedicada a este tema y a estos contenidos, sino que lo han presentado de una manera científica y con el respaldo de una investigación. Poco importa que la investigación pueda ser de pacotilla o que la universidad a la que estaba vinculada el experto ya haya dejado claro en ocasiones que esto es cosa suya y no de ellos, porque para la prensa primero y para los consumidores después ha sido suficiente. El día venía con el sello de garantía de lo científico.

When something is supported by science or by a scientist, the reception we give it is already much more positive. That is, we already accept it more as a truth. Journalists see it more as news, although in reality it is a press release more like any other.

It is something in essence goodrrollista
But it worked not only because science supported it in a certain way and therefore seemed much more feasible, but also because of the very essence of the day. Despite what it may seem, the basis of what is being narrated is good roll.

It is not a day against anyone (beyond Mondays, but there the cultural consensus agrees that they are the worst days of the week) nor is it linked to something that looks tragic (such as a disease). It is a curious day, which makes us see with more joy what is  england cell phone numbers coming behind. And that helps to be talked about in the media and that consumers receive it in good manners.

We can all identify with the journey
And, above all, the day triumphed because of something crucial. It is a journey that everyone can identify with, which appeals to basic principles and the common realities of citizen-consumers. On a gray day such as a Monday in January, it is very easy to feel that Blue Monday is speaking to oneself.

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