Breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs and their relationship with SEO

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Breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs and their relationship with SEO

This is a term that perhaps very few know, and perhaps fewer know its meaning … Next, we will talk about Breadcrumbs and their importance in SEO There are few things so frustrating for a user who is browsing a website than not knowing where a page is located in the architecture or structure of that website. At this point, the Breadcrumbs are totally useful . It is very well known what happens when a user encounters a difficulty (no matter how small), when browsing a website ; it leaves and uses the browser to travel to another page that can quickly list of all china mobiles provide the solution you need. For this reason, a mechanism that manages to keep the user informed of their own location within the hierarchical structure of the website is very necessary . This, in relation to other elements, be they physical (such as pages with a higher level in the structure) or conceptual (within a category or within a catalog of services and products, for example). It is often thought that menus can provide this, or some of the information. But the menus function primarily as quick access to featured pages within the architecture of the web itself. In general, they cannot inform the user how they got there or where they are. At this point , the Breadcrumbs (or Crumbs of Bread , in Spanish) are the tool that , unequivocally or directly, provide this much-needed information to the user , as well as other possibilities that can improve the ability to navigate.

What are Breadcrumbs ? We all have, perhaps, a little notion of what the Breadcrumbs are , either by having investigated it or by simple intuition. At the end of the day, we are all Internet users and we surf constantly, so we have most likely encountered them on many occasions. Although most likely we have not paid attention to it and have gone unnoticed, its main purpose is to be able to answer the questions ‘ Where am I, how did I get here and how can I go back or go to other similar websites’ . In order to assist this functionality , the Breadcrumbs mark the path that must be followed, through the structure of the website in which we navigate. In this way, you can reach the main page of said website (we refer to the front page) to the page that we are viewing. Breadcrumbs example To give an idea, the architecture of a trail Breadcrumb ( Breadcrumbs ) will always be present in a format similar to the following : Home> Page Level 1> Level 2 Page> Page Level 3> … current page. Normally, as seen in good practice, each level will include a link that will take you to the main page of that level. Thanks to the traces of Migas de Pan , if the article that users are reading is not to their liking, they may notice that it belongs to a category that will probably have more articles on the subject, and thus, they can directly access the page of categories to observe them.

And if in that case you wonder where the expression ‘ Breadcrumbs or Breadcrumbs’ comes from , well, in an informative way, we will tell you that it comes from the story of Hansel and Gretel. In the story, these two characters used a breadcrumb trail as a guide in order to mark the way back home. Types that exist It must be said that the Breadcrumbs must be differentiated from the click path , for the Clic Paths , they can be distinguished by jumps to different hierarchical degrees. These jumps are possibly circular and not logically necessary. However, the data for the production of Crumbs of Bread constantly comes from the click path that the user has followed. Depending on the Breadcrumb variation , single path navigation is relative or equal to other elements Taiwan Database and levels on a website. That means that the navigation with Breadcrumbs can be differentiated depending on the relative level of the website , or the click path the user is on. Click Path: This refers to a route-based navigation that traces the actual click path (forgive the redundancy), and also shows the current position. Sometimes, with long routes and webs with deep architectures, the variation is less feasible. Above all, users can perform the same function with the ‘forward and back’ buttons of the browser.

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