Bring Your Digital Product to Life With Figma!

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Bring Your Digital Product to Life With Figma!

Knowing what Figma is will not only be very useful for you to understand a little more everything that is behind any of the web pages that you visit regularly. It will open up a wide range of options to enhance your online movements. Do you want to know more about it? If you have not heard about user experience design and how it will help you to be a complete professional, you should know that it is a widely used concept in web design that represents User Experience. And what does it have to do with knowing what Figma is? Well, through this tool, your website visitors will never leave! So, if you want to learn how to be a UX designer , you are in the right place. In this note we will answer what Figma is, while we will also see more about its characteristics.

The advantages it offers as a product and its operation, as well as the resources it makes available to its users. Join us! What is Figma and what is it used for? Do you know what figma is? It is an online tool for designing interfaces that enables live collaboration. That is, both you and members of the design team can log in at the same time and make adjustments , regardless of the operating system you use. This tool appeared at the end of 2015 Georgia Phone Number quickly began to position itself as the first to have real-time collaboration, thanks to its online mode. In simple words, Figma was created with product development in mind, a factor that makes it a cross-platform solution for designers, who will be able to improve the UX process of any brand.

What Is Figma and What Is It Used for?

Now that you know what Figma is and what it is for, it’s time to find out more about its features. figma work team Source: Pexels What are the features of Figma? Knowing what Figma is also implies recognizing its strengths and weaknesses. For this reason, we present some functions and sections that you can apply on the platform to make your experience much more pleasant.Some of the features of Figma are as follows: 1. Possibility to design what you want This may seem like one of the great advantages of what Figma is: you have the ability to design any interactive graphical interface you have in mind . Among the options you can create on this platform are the following: Website screens. Mobile applications.

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2. There are variants for component management If you are a designer, you will highly appreciate this feature of Figma. And especially its library of components, known as Variants. Variants is, in essence, an intelligent component management module that is part of what Figma is, which offers you the possibility of rearranging several duplicate variants of the same component and mixing them , in order to organize the collection of resources of the component. team you want. Similarly, it is also possible to define a single container for components that are similar. In addition, within the framework of collaborative work, Variants seeks to offer the user the possibility of making their searches easier. 3. Offer numbered and bulleted lists Another of Figma’s virtues is that it also offers the interested user the possibility of being able to include both bulleted lists.

What Are the Features of Figma?

And numbered lists in the different UI/UX design projects. However, what can these lists do for you? Well, it is a very useful element, since it will give you the possibility. Of being able to manage and organize all the data in the way that you like. Or that is most comfortable for you to work with . In addition, a list will also be very useful to highlight the information and data of vector designs. What special features do these numbered bullets have? Some of the features that characterize this resource are the following: They can include about 5 levels of indentation. You have the option to make changes to the visual color. Especially, through the color of the text, effects or strokes.

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