Business personnel are worn out.

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Business personnel are worn out.

The sector fairs You have to allocate a large budget to be able to attend fairs in the industrial sector (stand, travel, accommodation …) They continue to work, but can be accompanied by digital strategies that allow you to continue in contact with the potential customers that you have captured at the fair . These are some of the directories where you can find international fairs.Word of mouth or recommendations It is our current clients who prescribe us to other interested potential clients, but do you want your company’s sales to depend only on this technique? Nueva llamada a la acción Why industrial inbound marketing is the ultimate strategy Every day you hear more that classic marketing techniques such as sending mass   Thailand Phone Number List   or cold call prospecting, are not customer- centric , intrusive and disliked by consumers, this greatly influences the conversion rates of the Business. Inbound marketing, on the contrary, are customer-oriented strategies that emphasize the needs of the buyer . The key to an inbound strategy lies in the creation of relevant and quality content that helps solve the problems of visitors, so it is the buyer who interacts with the company first and not vice versa. As this strategy convinces the industry, more and more companies are considering reducing traditional marketing budgets in favor of inbound marketing.

The ROI of inbound marketing is fully measurable, according to a Hubspot study, more than 60% of marketing agencies value inbound marketing as effective , compared to 49% of traditional marketing. 76% of the clients generated by inbound marketing have a lower acquisition cost compared to those obtained by traditional marketing. Currently, the normal thing is that B2B companies allocate 10% of their budget for marketing and more than 50% plan to invest more the following year. In general, this 10% allows us to maintain the same current income and 15% is established if we want to open new markets and increase sales in the industrial sector. But does increasing the marketing budget increase sales? Industrial companies invest more in R&D, offices, or tools rather than marketing. Why? Each industry has its reasons, but the most important is that it is easier to measure ROI or return on investment in these areas than in marketing . To all this we add that the industrial sector still uses traditional marketing techniques because it has worked for them for many years and it still works.

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Remove advertising from the sector magazine? “Our clients buy it.” Stop going to fairs in the industrial sector? “We have always done it and it has worked for us.” Reduce the number of commercials? “It is our only sales force.” What happens when sales stagnate? The moment sales drop, the first budget to shrink is the marketing budget , especially for SMEs. When trying to minimize expenses, essential and optional items are valued and marketing usually considers an optional item. This is the first mistake that is made, since marketing is the only item intended to maintain and improve sales in the industrial sector. It is thought that the current client portfolio will help to Taiwan Database pass the bad streak, but the normal thing is that if sales go down, they also go down in regular clients. The blame for reducing the marketing budget cannot be assigned to who has ordered it, but from the marketing department we must focus on demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) of the implemented marketing strategies and only then will marketing go to be an essential item in the industrial sector. The only way to grow an industrial company is to think of a strategy, increase the marketing budget and go digital .

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