Buyer persona, a marketing tool

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Buyer persona, a marketing tool

One of the concepts that marketers and business executives in general have had to become familiar with is buyer persona . When we use this term we mean a fictitious representation, an archetype, of the ideal customer of our product or service. It is a fundamental element in the current marketing strategy of almost all companies, especially in the digital field. How the buyer persona is defined Knowing our target audience has always been essential to succeed in the commercial field, generating sales and brand loyalty . The appearance of this concept and its incorporation into the marketing strategy seeks to increase the ability to work for the recipient, increase empathy and anticipate their expectations, needs and desires. To form this representation of the final or potential consumer, brands must rely on demographic, social, behavioral and professional information mobile number database free download to which we can have access. Any lawful research tool on him should be used. Surveys, market studies, data collected on our website or analysis based on personalized interviews are some of the useful techniques. Once all that information is collected, a specific profile of that archetypal recipient that we are targeting is created. It is something similar to what behavior analysts do when they create the criminological profile of a psychokiller . Only, in this case, the profile has an inalienable commercial application: adapting our offer, our proposals, our communication and each commercial activity towards your seduction and the satisfaction of your needs. Inclusion in our marketing strategy In short, the creation of this ideal client consists of building a fictional character based on the ethnographic characteristics of the population (sex, age, customs, habits, beliefs, etc.) that are combined with psychological characteristics. Once established, we must place it in the main target of our various commercial actions .

We must clarify that it is not a single profile, since the same product or service can have several types of them, each of which requires specific marketing policies and tactics. Its main utility is to quickly identify all the traits that define and share our potential buyers. It is not exactly the same as the target audience, but an evolution of it. We see it. Difference with target audience The target audience is established as a category or part within the general society, to which we direct our commercial proposals. That is, it could be defined in this way: adolescents between 14 and 18 years old, students, middle class, interested in sports and wanting to travel abroad. By establishing the buyer persona we individualize the approach much more. This would be a concrete example taken from the previous target audience: Thalía, 17, is studying 1st year of Baccalaureate and lives with her parents. She’s an only child. He does sports. He wants to go to university, loves to travel and aspires to complete his training with an Erasmus. You are looking for an agency that allows you to enjoy a summer stay to learn English. In other words, it is a more personalized approach , with a human touch that allows to better specify and determine more specifically how the offer feels, lives and perceives. Importance in current marketing The essence of marketing is to satisfy the demands, expectations, desires and needs of the target audience. For this reason, defining this persona buyer – if we Spanishize the term – allows us to improve the adequacy of the messages to the correct people that interest us. That is, to have greater chances of success .

Without this process, many strategies are lost or deviated, so they end up focused on a target that is not exactly the same as the one we are interested in. Only when we have a clear idea of ​​who our target customer is, we can design effective marketing actions , perfectly connected with their interests and aspirations. This concept applies, above all, to the field of digital marketing . Its application is very clear in the creation of content. Thanks to their determination, we will be able to define what content we need, its tone and style, design the strategies and themes, as well as understand where our public seeks information and be able to be there to provide it. Benefits of your establishment Thanks to its correct determination, the actions and market plans Taiwan Database will obtain juicy benefits. Especially: – Easier to achieve your goals . – Reach the ideal customer segment . – Return and performance in campaigns. The main advice we can offer when creating this customer profile is not to underestimate its importance. This is not an imaginary creation, but must accurately reflect the true nature of the main recipient of the offer. For this reason, it is essential to rely on facts, on real data , to specify its characteristics and particularities. The correct definition of buyer persona is a key element in current commercial and marketing decisions. We have to get it right for the benefit of our organization.

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