Buyer persona example What is it and how to create it?

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Buyer persona example What is it and how to create it?

What is a Buyer persona? A Buyer persona is a representation of the ideal customer , created based on their behaviors, needs, motivations, demographic situation, etc. That is to say, with a good Buyer person we will know what the profile of that potential client that we want to find and find us is. This is how we can give you the solution you are looking for , since we will put ourselves in the shoes of our target audience much easier. Characteristics of a buyer persona In order to define your target audience , you need to know certain characteristics that will lead you to get to know them as well as possible, focus on them and not generalize among many profiles, which is precisely what we want to avoid. And what are these characteristics? Personal. Hobbies, important mobile directory with names india people, goals and motivations … Online conduct. RRSS that you use, where you look for the information, products that you buy, what hours you are online … Employment situation. Job, functions, challenges you have … Problem. What’s wrong with you, why do you need it, why do you need it … Motivation. What drives you to find what you need … Solution that we give you. What do we contribute so that we are the solution of your choice … Shopping behaviour. What products do you consume, how do you usually shop … In order to create a Buyer persona, we need to collect all this interesting information about who will be (or already are) our customers, process it and know what exactly to do with all this that we know about our target audience. Let’s do it! How to create a Buyer persona? It is time to gather all that information, analyze it, organize it …

In short, we are going to shape our Buyer persona by following these 4 steps. 1. Information. Collect data about the client by asking you questions, doing interviews, based on information collected in the base of all or through forms and surveys on your website. With these questions you can collect all these data that will complete the characteristics of our Buyer persona: What does it say What are your hobbies What motivates you Where it moves What do you need Why do you need it What worries you Why wouldn’t you choose us How can we help 2. Analysis. When we already have all this information, the next step is to analyze it to highlight all the key information from all the data we have collected. This will help us to identify who our target audience is, what they are like and what they want, so that, logically, we can help them solve their problems and lead them to conversion . It is also important to share all this information with the rest of your team. This way you will have more points of view and avoid overlooking some data without realizing it. 3. Organization. We are now closer to shaping our Buyer persona. In this step we can already clearly answer these questions: What is your goal / need? How it behaves? What worries you? What solution can we give you? Once we have this clear, we should be able to create an elevator pitch . (A small paragraph that clearly summarizes the key ideas of your Buyer persona and that we could tell in just a minute).

You got it? Try it! 4. Creation. We almost have it! It is time to give it the final shape. To put a face, name and surname; and make sense of all this information that we have collected. How can we do it? There are tools to create a person Buyer with which we can perfectly represent our client. MakeMyPersona PersonaApp Persona Creator Xtensio UserForge Buyer persona example Can we see it better with an example? In this case I have used the MakeMyPersona tool as an example, with which you can create as many fields as you think are important. You can also add your elevator pitch or even do it all in the form of a story, as if you were describing a character in a movie. Buyer persona example Conclution If you can’t understand your target audience , you won’t be able to create anything for them. That is why it is so important not only to consider your point Taiwan Database of view, but rather his. This way you will understand where their attention, interest, desire and action are directed (something that you can express very clearly in a conversion funnel ). Keep in mind that you cannot please everyone. And, if you do not know your Buyer person well or you create a too broad profile, you may be focusing on another type of audience that is not the one you want and, at the same time, losing your real customers .

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