By Drafting BRANDIN G01-30-2019

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By Drafting BRANDIN G01-30-2019

Consumers rarely talk about brand new logos in their personal WhatsApp chats, unless the brand in question did something that buyers think is incredibly bad (just think about the Gap debacle of a few years ago ) or something too unexpected. In this case it goes halfway. Zara presented its new logo (the first brand identity change in the last 44 years) and in this chat several consumers commented scathingly about the redesign.

It all started by sharing a tweet, in which a journalist pointed out that Zara had “moved to a millennial apartment”, a game with cramped letters and tiny  usa full phone number  flats that millennials have to rent (that’s why more and more money ). One of the consumers pointed out that the new Zara logo did not read well. The other simply sentenced: “It’s pretty crappy.”

The Zara logo is very popular and well recognized, but the company has just launched a redesign. Nobody expected that movement, but the truth is that it comes in a lot with what the market is doing.

Luxury brands – especially those in the fashion market – have been starring in recent months in a process of redesigning their logos and readjusting to the new times. The companies have abandoned their very different logos from each other for much more aseptic logos, with a very similar typeface. The current is, in fact, called blanding and you have the feeling that it makes all company logos look alike .

The new aseptic logos of luxury brands
It is about using sans serif fonts and using black in an aseptic way. They work better on the internet and especially in the mobile universe, while adapting in a much easier way to what social networks require and the new needs imposed by the social environment and profile photo.

The essence of the new Zara logo
The new Zara logo, although it is not as aseptic and ‘clean’ as that of the luxury brands (in fact, in a way, its previous logo is more reminiscent of the theme that blanding is marking), it is positioned in the universe that mark those criteria but also as a kind of alternative, which could become an interesting move. It uses the game of white against black to highlight, but at the same time it breaks with some of the basic principles of that trend that marks what luxury companies do.

This was the corporate image of Zara
In the new logo, the letters are closer together, more curved elements are added and with a certain more sophisticated air, more like the luxury companies were doing before going minimalist. In fact, some analysts already believe that the key to the new logo is precisely the idea of ​​reconnecting with that legacy and with that idea of ​​how things were. Thus, as a point in FastCompany , Zara is noteworthy, show a much more own identity. It manages not to get buried in the same bag as the avalanche of new aseptic – and perhaps boring – logos from luxury companies.

This is the new Zara logo
And, not least, breaking away from the dominant trend manages to make a very important positioning movement in brand image. It manages to  usa full phone number  establish itself as its own entity, as a sufficiently important player in the market to do what it wants and how it wants.

Zara presented it in the same way that everything usually does when it comes to communication: the logo appeared on its different channels and the media were in charge of amplifying its reach. Given that it is the first logo rebranding in the last 44 years, the redesign was going to have a major impact on the media. Added to that, Twitter also entered the game, with a ‘battle’ between detractors and those who understand the change.

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