Callout extensions for Google Ads ads

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Callout extensions for Google Ads ads

Callout extensions are one of the easiest and most widely used extensions that Google Ads offers us; However, as a digital marketing agency in Valencia , we have noticed that it is not always made the most of it. Here we will give you all the information you need about this type of extensions; also how to make them more effective to increase the CTR of your ads. Who should use callout extensions? The truth is that anyone can use them and it only takes a few minutes to set up. You don’t need a local business with a specific address, nor do you need a retail store that sells your products; you don’t even need a business phone number. All you need is some nifty copy to add to your ads and a lot of creativity writing. The best thing about callout extensions is their ability mobile phone numbers brisbane to significantly expand your ad text. This will allow you to place useful pieces of information in your ad that you would otherwise have to include in your descriptions and headlines. What are callout ads? They are simple and short phrases that focus on highlighting important qualities about the business or product. They are primarily used to enunciate features and other compelling information to turn a simple visit into a secure sale. How are these ads? These types of extensions allow you to have between two and six featured texts at the same time, in addition to the ad itself. In callout extensions you should keep the text rather short in length; its limit is 25 characters but try to make it something less callout extension For example, you can use it to promote “free shipping” or “24/7 support”; This will save you valuable description space that you can use for other functions.

Remember that users care more about the benefits of buying your product than its own characteristics. Nobody cares if your computer microprocessor is called x10a456; what they really want to know is its speed and other technical characteristics. Callout ad extension utilities With this extension, you can focus the description of the ad itself, explain these characteristics, reinforcing the message, drawing the attention of users and achieving a spectacular impact on your ad. What to do and do not Advertise the characteristics of your company, or highlight what it is that distinguishes it from the others. Mentions like free shipping service, ongoing discounts, or 24/7 phone support will work great for your CTR. A big mistake most people make with callouts is simply adding them without adjusting the advanced settings for each campaign. Since they’re so easy to add, it’s just as easy to fall into the quick-in-and-out trap. Configuration of these extensions Step 1 Select the ads and extensions tab from your Google Ads account. Step 2 Click on the extensions tab at the top of the screen. Step 3 Select the create ad button and select the callout extension option. Step 4 Get creative Step 5 Before leaving you must click on “Advanced Options”. This is where your text should truly stand out above the rest. You’ll notice that almost every ad out there uses boring, simple, and repetitive callout extensions ; this is because they are not using the advanced settings to their advantage. About advanced options for callout ads The advanced options allow you to select device preferences, programming, among other more sophisticated options.

These are all important factors in what is commonly known as brand positioning, an element that can increase repeat conversions by 50%. For example, are you looking to increase mobile sales? Create a “mobile only free shipping” caption and select “Mobile” as your preference. In this way, this option will only be shown to users from mobile devices. Do you have a sale offer for a limited time? Show coupons with specific start and end date. Do you have agents waiting to speak to potential clients at specific times? Set specific hours, ensuring users can interact with a live agent in seconds. With these features you can take text extensions to the next level Taiwan Database by offering specific and personalized options for each search engine. Do these extensions really work? Of course! PPC Hero A / B tested callout extensions ; found that adding them produces a 221% increase in CTR and a 40% increase in conversion rate. After removing them, the CTR dropped dramatically, directly affecting conversions; And not only these, but all the Google Ads ad extensions can help you improve the online marketing metrics of your business. Remember that each extension has a different function and just as one may work for your cousin’s business, another might work better for you; test, analyze and discover what gives you the best results.

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