Can a guest post change your life as a blogger?

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Can a guest post change your life as a blogger?

Have you ever thought about publishing a guest post? If you have no idea what I’m telling you, take a look at what’s next. I do not know if it is my perception or there is really more talk at the moment on the subject of guest blogging . It is a topic that I have touched on in the past and that is becoming more and more important for a beginner blogger. The landscape has changed in recent months. It is much harder and more competitive to gain a foothold. With work and effort it is arrived but it is not the situation that we have had 2 years ago where in many niches you still played a semi-virgin field. Guest South Africa Phone Number List photo rights Typical errors when publishing a guest post Many bloggers probably don’t get the most out of the guest post tool because they make some basic beginner mistakes. Among them I would highlight: Not having a blogger presentation with links to their projects (one minimum) to achieve greater visibility and branding through the guest post . Do not negotiate that the link that goes to the blog (or other sites) are follow so the SEO value of the publication is lost. Straying too far from the blogger’s theme. Sometimes it can work but if the target audience is interested in other things, the impact despite having generated good content can be nil. Publish a post on a blog with little authority and audience so you do not get the typical benefits of visits to the blog and improvement in positioning.

So apart from the basic part (author’s description and follow link ) you have to aim as high as possible when guest blogging . The ideal is to achieve a collaboration with a top blogger which can help you achieve a publication in a top blog although the path is not always direct. There are also exceptions. Berto from tells you how you can get it if you want to go faster. If you take into account his advice and also touch on Berto’s favorite topics, you may have options to achieve your star moment in his blog. How to choose the blog to make the guest post The best collaborations are the ones you already have. Today I was lucky enough to be interviewed on Victor Martín’s podcast . He told me that he was one of the people with whom he had done the most things together. When one or the other needs help with an issue, it is as simple as sending an email and asking for it.

We were also talking about those people who contact you with the concept “Collaboration”. There is a 99% probability that in reality what is behind it is rather “What you can give me for free without receiving any value in return.” But of course, that truth is a bit ugly and few people in the end are so honest. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, read this . But hey, what was I going to do? How to choose the blog to make the guest post ? The blog’s audience matches yours thematically. This way you avoid publishing quality content that does not interest anyone. The blog already has visibility and / or there is a guaranteed diffusion by the blogger who publishes it. The post is sent to the database of at least 2,000 subscribers. You have to set a figure so that the effort is worth it.

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So it can be interesting to publish on a blog that is not yet as powerful as long as there is guaranteed dissemination through e-mail or social networks. It can also be interesting in the case if it is a kind of test with soda from the blogger to test you and see if he can let you publish on the powerful blog. What kind of post would I publish as a guest blogger? If you have the opportunity to publish in a top blog, I would do everything possible and impossible to Taiwan Database get the best article that has ever been written on the specific subject . It is not so difficult to do it, you just have to work hard. This type of entry can easily take you 10-20 hours of work but with a bit of luck you can get the bills.

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