Can you add value to a blog with a short post?

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Can you add value to a blog with a short post?

There is a clear trend towards longer and longer posts. Short posts no longer add anything so you have to focus on longer articles? It is certainly an art to say a lot with few words . That is why bloggers have the tendency to spread more and more in their articles. Well, there is actually more behind it. How could it be otherwise, the “recent” changes to Google’s algorithm in the last 24 months play an important role in explaining this “phenomenon”. Short Senegal Phone Number List  photo rights Why bloggers now write longer and longer posts It has to do with the interaction that “on average” generate posts that exceed 2,000 words. A year ago, I would have marked the half to define what is “long.” When you realize that most SEOs begin to recommend writing posts with a minimum of 1,000 words, it is better to multiply by 2 to really differentiate yourself from the rest. What encourages a long entry?

All of these events tell Google that this is quality content that is relevant. The search engine wants the user experience that redirects to a page to be positive. Since you still can’t find out from a personal survey, look for indirect ways that will give you a clue. Why short posts can still contribute something to the reader Seeing this trend and growing popularity of long posts as a blogger you can ask yourself if a short post still contributes something. Before digging in. What can be considered a short post? As I said before. Things are changing. A 400 word post 18 months ago was perfectly acceptable. Today it could be considered rather short. Especially on the weekend the length of my articles does not usually reach 1,000 words. A “normal” post in my case can have 800 words. If I catch myself in a focused moment it can be written and published in less than 45 minutes. With distractions it can take twice as long. Senegal Phone Number List

Short posts have a different function than long ones: They help to be connected with the community of your blog showing that you are still there. The objective is branding and that they do not forget you. It may contain a reflection that needs to provide more details. You do not want to give clues but to initiate a change and leave a mark on your reader. Everything that has to do with news and news especially when you want to be one of the first to write on the subject, you write a short content to be more agile.
Little tricks (especially when within your topic you frequently write tutorials and guides) that describe a small nuance that can make a difference as in this post . For tickets that fall on the weekend . Here it may make more sense to write short and funny entries, Taiwan Database  in the form of anecdotes. The answer in the end is “yes”. But of course, this will depend a lot on the experience of each one. If you post more frequently like me, these short posts can save your life from time to time. The question how always is not whether you should write many or few words . Do I add value to someone? that’s really the question you have to ask yourself when you publish a post. If only 2-3 people who read your article are happier, have fun while reading your words or know more than before, you can be satisfied. If they are more better, without a doubt …

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