CMS: wordpress It is clear why this is a popular option for people

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CMS: wordpress It is clear why this is a popular option for people

Who want to create their own sites. WordPress is free to download and is supported by a large developer community and lots of documentation and tutorials. It offers thousands of specialized plugins and themes, allowing you to create almost any type of site with its easy-to-use control panel. 2. Joomla The next top CMS is Joomla. Featured companies like MTV, Harvard University, and IHOP use it for their websites. It is also suitable for back-end networks. Citibank uses Joomla for that purpose only. This CMS has been used for everything from inventory control systems to your everyday websites. CMS: joomla With over two hundred thousand users Estonia Phone Number List and contributors, Joomla has a long development history and a very active development committee, so if you need tutorials or information, you can easily find it. However, Joomla is not that easy to use and does not have high-quality themes like WordPress. 3. Drupal Another very popular CMS that has been used by various high performance companies such as the New York Observer, Popular Science, MIT, Sony Music, Fast Company, and many others. CMS: drupal Drupal has many features for creating internal and external sites, as well as a ton of tools to help organize your content. It also has a very active community with various forums, and even face-to-face events, there is even community-generated documentation. 4. Symphony It has made a place for a few years among the large CMS. This has made a place with transparency and simplicity as its main elements.

It is an open source content management system created with PHP and, unlike the rest, it is based on XSLT. This is the W3C standard and with database with SQL support. It has flexible templates allowing a clear separation between the Back and the Frontend. We have to bear in mind that it is more of a framework, unlike the rest, which gives us greater freedom when making modifications to our liking. symphony cms On the contrary, it “forces” us to have a certain knowledge base of programming languages ​​such as PHP and to know how to work with XML and XSLT. CMS FOR ONLINE SALE 5. Prestashop In this case, we are dealing with a CMS totally designed for the creation and management of online stores or ecommerce . PrestaShop is more complete than the Woocomerce case, since it is designed and developed directly for their management. It is totally recommended if we have a large ecommerce or we intend to expand. Prestashop CMS It allows you to have full control of all aspects of the store and customize every aspect of the sales process. It is a CMS designed so that we do not have to make very high economic investments if we want to have it, since it is an open and free source. 6. Woocommerce Despite not being a CMS as such, its use is so widespread that it can be treated as if it were. It is a plugin for Woodpress that allows you to create an online store within this CMS system. It offers total control of your online store and is the most integrated online store system in recent years.

WooCommerce CMS It allows the sale of all kinds of products, direct downloads, a multitude of configurations, inclusion of affiliate sales … Finally, we cannot finish the post without comparing these two CMS. Prestashop , which is a CMS dedicated to creating ecommerce . For those who want to open an online store , Prestashop is a good option as an e-commerce CMS and it is also open source. However, a clear competitor to this platform is Woocommerce , a free WordPress ecommerce plugin . They are the two main options that are handled in Taiwan Database any web design for online stores . Although the initial purpose of WordPress was not online sales, WooCommerce has managed to fill this gap and provide WordPress websites with the possibility of becoming an online store without having to migrate to other platforms. In addition, we must highlight the figure of the marketer, which we talked about in our blog post since he is a key figure in the management of online traffic for your business.

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