Combine Google Trends with other tools Google Trends can help

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Combine Google Trends with other tools Google Trends can help

us discover new trends and opportunities for suitable keywords for our website that we would not otherwise have the option of knowing about. However, the ideal is to combine it with other tools or keyword search engines (such as SemRush), in order to carry out a complete SEO strategy. google trendsHow to use Google Trends for SEO Now that we know all its functionalities, we can take advantage of Google Trends for SEO. Google Trends has Cayman Islands Phone Number List  very interesting practical applications from the SEO point of view and can be helpful in improving our positioning strategy. Find suitable keywords for your titles Google Trends is one of the best resources to find the optimal keywords for your website , since if used well, it allows you to anticipate the traffic that a keyword will have, and can also make comparisons.


Likewise, it also shows you the popularity of those keywords by geographical areas. The title of the content is a fundamental aspect for the positioning of URLs of your domain. Therefore, Google Trends can provide you with valuable information about the keyword that you should add to your title based on search trends. Detect seasonality Google Trends can also be used as an ally for the positioning of your web page in everything that refers to the observation of seasonal peaks of certain keyword searches . That is, in summer, for example, the keywords “swimsuits” or “bikinis” reach their peak, as do “coats” in winter. In this way, it helps you know when queries start and when they peak, so you can tailor your content marketing strategy. However, it is also not advisable to lose sight of keywords that are not seasonal , and that receive constant queries, taking into account both regular and irregular searches in your SEO strategy. Track your competitors This tool is also perfect for monitoring brand trends, both yours and your competitors’ .

You can see if they talk about them, where they talk more and if there is a positive or negative assessment for the terms that are associated with it. Likewise, if there is a high volume of searches, you can check the web traffic of both your website and that of the competition. Run local campaigns As if that were not enough, Google Trends will allow you to develop an SEO strategy limited to a specific area , providing very interesting data on geographic segmentation. Thus. And, within the search trends, you can find both the most popular recent queries and their place of origin. Google Trends is an ideal tool to find new opportunities and ideas thanks to  Taiwan Database the fact that it shows you the search trends , being able to find out which are the most popular recent queries. In this way, you can detect new products, services or topics that users are demanding in time. We hope these Google Trends SEO tips help you improve your rankings and that from now on you can get more out of the Google Trends SEO tool. Do you know other advantages of Google Trends for SEO? Feel free to share them with us through the comments. If you are interested in further learning about organic positioning, you can read our article on how to optimize the SEO of your YouTube channel .

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