Configure mail in outlook Thanks to this step-by-step tutorial

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Configure mail in outlook Thanks to this step-by-step tutorial

You will be able to configure your email in the Microsoft Outlook 365 manager . Thus, you will be able to have all your email accounts in the same program, facilitating the management, response and control of each and every one of the emails that come to you. First steps Once the Outlook program is open, we must click on the “Tools” tab at the top of the program. Once there, on the left side of the bar we will find the icon «Accounts». Set up Outlook Once we click on this icon, a pop-up window will open . In this window all the email accounts that we have active mobile phone belgium in the email manager will appear. As you will see in the image below, we already have a Microsoft email account configured. At the bottom of the “Accounts” window, we will find an icon with the “+” icon, which allows us to select to include a “New account …” or “Directory service …”.

Accounts in setting up Outlook In our case, we select the option to configure a new email account. Once there, a new window opens which is the step to start configuring mail in Outlook. In this we must put our complete email. Set up the email account How to configure Outlook email account Once we have written our email address, click on the “Continue” button. The same email manager will find the most likely configuration of said email and will autocomplete all the necessary fields, except for the account password, which we must enter to proceed to the next step. How to set up Outlook email In the event that our email provider has specified a different protocol than the one identified by the email manager, in the upper right we can change the type of email we have.

Continuing with the configuration, it is possible that, when connecting to the mail server, a warning about the security of the connection will appear. We should not be scared, we just have to accept this notice. Outlook mail certificate Once we accept this message, Outlook will connect our email account and, if we have done all the previous steps Taiwan Database correctly, a message will appear in this same window advising us of the correct operation and configuration of the email account.

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