Conversion in Digital Marketing What is it?

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Conversion in Digital Marketing What is it?

A conversion can be any action considered valuable to the company . That is, whatever objective the company has and is achieved. What types of conversions are there? If, as we have said, a conversion can be any beneficial action for the company, this means that there is a very wide range of conversions, right? Let’s see some of them! Leads. Users who have filled out a form providing us with their data. Subscription. Subscription to a newsletter. Download. Download some file. Installation. Installation of a program. Display. Number of views of your website. Registry. Registrations of new users to your website. Time on site. Average user duration mobile number user name list on your website. Buys. Making a purchase by the customer. Viewed pages. Total number of page views on your website. Call. CTA (call to action) of call to a contact number of the company. Is it important to measure the degree of conversion? Yes always. This degree of conversion, or in other words, return on conversion (ROI), is what will indicate the value generated by the marketing actions that the company is carrying out, therefore we will know if they are being profitable or not. [bctt tweet = “If you want to know the value generated by your #Marketing actions, check with the #ROI!”] How is the conversion rate measured? Define objectives . First we will mark what we want to achieve for our company and how we are going to do it.

In this way we can focus on what we want to achieve. Measure. To know the continuity of the objectives, it is necessary to measure them. So you will have to decide what tools to use and what KPIs to take into account. Google Analytics is an essential tool to measure, but more can be used depending on the channel or medium, in addition to the tools to measure in Social Networks . Analyze data. Once the period of time established to meet these objectives has passed, the results that we have obtained from the tools will be analyzed, comparing everything that has been achieved during that time. Get ROI. Finally, the ROI is calculated with the following formula: ROI = (Earnings-Investment) / Investment . You can also take other points into account that you think are important in your case, such as the time it took to achieve the objectives. Steps to conversion The customer has a path, a user experience on your site, before converting. These steps that the customer performs must be analyzed to see how many users are left on the road, how many do not convert, and why .

This will help us to deal with the problem directly in an easier way, since we will be able to know where the client has been and what it is that has made them not move forward. All this path that the user travels from when he finds us until he makes the conversion, is called a conversion funnel or funnel . To improve the conversion , we will analyze where customers tend to stay and try to improve it. One of the options for this is to do AB test creating new CTAs and checking which one obtains better results. Let’s do it! You can do it only within your website, but we advise you not to settle for that and go one step further . That in addition to using Taiwan Database your  website, you use another very good way to get customers through a single page whose objective will be that, to convert . We are talking about the Landing page . There are many ways to get clients or to meet your goals, whatever they are. What are you waiting for? Start converting your shares!

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