Copywriting Guide for Social Networks

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Copywriting Guide for Social Networks

Attention, interest, desire, action . Four words that characterize one of the best-known marketing formulas: AIDA. In this post we are going to tell you how good copywriting can influence it using Social Networks. And if you don’t know it yet, you are going to realize how important it is. Go! What is Copywriting? We can define Copywriting as the india phone number online creative way of writing texts that will aim to attract your audience to your products or services. That is, a copywriter will know how to write content that makes your clients take the action you want, whether it is filling out a form, signing up for your newsletter, making a purchase or any action that you set as a goal. Now that we know what it is, we are interested in where we can apply copywriting .

Well, we are not only going to apply it on the web or blog, we are also interested in knowing how to apply it on our social networks, since our audience is there and a good part of the traffic that reaches our website will depend on them. [bctt tweet = “Attention, interest, desire, action … If #Copywriting influences all this, how could we not apply it to #RedesSociales?”] Copywriting for Facebook Brief and descriptive text. Focus on your title to make it impactful and try to make it clear in two or three lines what your post is about. Includes audiovisual content. The images, gifs or videos make the content we give more attractive and enjoyable. Use emojis. It’s another way to make an impact on our audience and get their attention. The value of your content. You do not have to talk only about your brand, you will give value to your content by talking about other topics as long as they are related to your services. Listen to your audience. Try asking questions or surveys to create that feedback that will make you know your audience better. Copywriting for Facebook Copywriting for Twitter Structure of the tweet.

Here it is even more important to know how to clarify the message we want to give, since we have a character limit. Simplify without forgetting your goal. Mentions. Reach more users through mentions, as long as it has a direct relationship with that user, since we do not want to generate spam, but a good interaction with other accounts. Hashtags. Look at the hashtags that are related to your content. Do not use too many because it can look saturated. Focus on the ones that really add value to your message. Use websites like Hashtagify , Keyhole or RiceTag Taiwan Database to find out which ones are ranking the best. Trendin topic. With the list of trendin topic we can see which are the topics that are being talked about the most at that moment. It is important to be attentive to it because perhaps we can use some within our message and thus reach more users. Emojis. Like on Facebook, here we can also use emojis to attract attention. Take advantage of them! Surveys.

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