Create a Cartoon-style Portrait Online Course

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Create a Cartoon-style Portrait Online Course

Do you want to make a cartoon-style portrait? What you need is this free graphic design and illustration course! Together with our teacher Guada Pinos, illustrator and concept artist, you will learn the basic fundamentals of illustration and you will learn the main techniques that will give firmness and dynamism to your illustrations. The classes are divided into three modules: cartoon portrait, color and illustration. You will start with the basic concepts of what a cartoon portrait drawing consists of. Then, you will discover how to apply the laws of color and create your own color palette. Finally, you will arrive at the sketch and composition, where you will apply shadows and lights to your illustrations. Ready! After this free graphic design and illustration course, you will be an expert in making a color cartoon portrait.

What do you need for this free design and illustration course? Adobe Photoshop. Graphic tablet. Mid-range computer. Surely after taking this free illustration course, you were left with more desire to continue learning other techniques, right? Would you like to turn a photograph into a cartoon portrait? If you want to do it successfully, you can check this guide to transform a Afghanistan Phone Number face to cartoon .  Enroll for free in the online course Create a Cartoon-style portrait 10. Online course on Making illustration your business Do you want to live from your graphic compositions or digital illustrations and earn money with your creativity? With this free graphic design and illustration course you will acquire the essential tools to start as an illustrator and give value to your talent.

What Do You Need for This Free Design

Therefore, the hand of Sebastián Santafe Ayala, Colombian illustrator, winner of the 11th edition of the “Iberoamerica Ilustra Catalog” and professor of this free online graphic design course, you will understand how to create a lucrative illustration business step by step, understanding how much to charge for your designs and how to get to that price. In addition, you will be able to create a business plan and work model taking into account the proposal, creation, distribution and costs of your projects. Make illustration your business with this free graphic design course for creative entrepreneurs.  Enroll for free in the online course of Making illustration your business Online course on Making illustration your businessSource: Crehana.

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Therefore, course of basic face reticulation If you have basic knowledge of drawing and illustration or have created creative infographics for editorials, in this free graphic design course with a certificate you will be able to perfect your sketching technique and the facial details of your characters. No experience in drawing faces? Do not worry! Together with Marco Pichardo, graphic designer and illustrator, you will learn basic illustration techniques to create sketches of faces from the front, in profile and in three quarters using the Procreate app. Therefore, the end of the 4 modules of this graphic design and illustration course, you will understand how to do basic shading for frontal faces and how to apply lighting details to your illustration. What do you need for this free design and illustration course? Procreate app. Apple Pencil.

Online Course on Making Illustration Your Business

Therefore, graphics tablet.  Enroll for free in the online course of Basic Face Reticulation Online. Course of basic face crosslinkingSource: Crehana Other free Crehana courses Now that you have seen all the free graphic design courses that Crehana has to offer, we leave you with a series of free online courses on other topics that may be of interest to you. Remember that the more you know about various subjects, the more complete and, therefore, the more competitive professional you will be.
Therefore, this list and choose your free Crehana course today! Animation Principles in After Effects online course Have you always wanted to learn how to animate, but haven’t taken the time yet? As you are thinking, it is the next skill that you should add to your list if you already.

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