Create email accounts From Direct Admin

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Create email accounts From Direct Admin

This tutorial creating email accounts is a simple guide on how to do this. Thanks to this, you will have all the information on how to execute these steps on your server and thus be able to manage the necessary accounts. In addition, you can also clean email accounts, set space limits, suspend accounts, etc. Access the server panel First you have to access the server panel . You will have to enter your username and password. If you do not have this data, you will have to ask your hosting administrator for it. Image access panel Panel Once inside your panel, you have to select your domain . You will find a screen like this one, in which various options appear. In the “Email” section we click on “Email accounts”. Access to email accounts Email account creation We belgium number select the option “Create account” and access the panel in which we have to enter the requested data. Username. Password: We recommend randomly generating the password, since they are alphanumeric combinations that provide security.

Email quota: We can enter the maximum amount of MB for the account or, conversely, enter “0” to mark it as unlimited. Shipping limit. Email account creation data Creation Once we click on the create button, we will access the summary panel of the email account. In this panel we will have available the data of this recently created account. Thanks to this, we will be able to write down the generated password, check the username and the space limits that we have granted to this account. It is important to write down the password to have it available at all times. In addition, we can take a screenshot to avoid having this data as text elements, thus increasing security. Data summary of the account created Account management Once we have created the account, it will appear in the “Email accounts” panel. From here we can manage all the options of this email account.

We have options like: Clean : To empty the email account. Suspend : We put this account on temporary hold. Reactivate : In case of having suspended the account, from here we can reactivate said account. Delete : It involves the total deletion of the selected account. Mail account management panel. Hopefully thanks to the tutorial creating email accounts Taiwan Database you will be able to improve the autonomy in your work. Also, remember that, once you have the emails you need, you can create email redirects and create automatic vacation messages to give the best service to your customers.

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