Create wordpress post With this simple guide you will learn to create a WordPress post

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Create wordpress post With this simple guide you will learn to create a WordPress post

You will have all the necessary information to be able to be autonomous when it comes to running your personal or corporate blog. First steps Once you are on the desktop of your website, you will see that in the left column you have several options. Depending on the theme you use, the visual builder or the plugins that your site has installed, you will have more or less elements. We must click on the “Entries” option to start creating your wordpress entry. WordPress entry guide 1 As you can see, once we are on this screen, all the entries that we have created will appear. In our case, we see the title, author, categories, and tags. We will explain belgium telephone number all these elements below. WordPress post creation Next to the title «Entries» we have the button «Add new». By clicking on this button, we will enter a new window. In this case, we have already started creating our entry. Here we have to configure different elements. WordPress entry guide 2 First we must write the title of our post. It is very important to take into account the title to use, since it should be explanatory, with the main thing, but it should not be especially long.

In addition, you should look for a title with a hook, which makes our readers want to enter to read our article. Entry title Once we have defined and written our title, we move on to the content part, the article. This part may vary depending on whether you use the WordPress editor or some visual builder. In this case, we see what the entry section looks like with the WordPress editor. Although, if you have Elementor or any other visual builder, you can do the same with the builder. Input text box At the top we have the different options to format the text. Bold, italic, type of text, aligned … Like any text editor, we can alter and adjust the aesthetics of the text to give it the desired format. Extra input configuration If you look at the left column, you will see different elements. On the one hand, there is the data referring to the WordPress entry, the “Publish” section. To post Publish section Here we see the status of the input, which can have 3 different options. Draft, Scheduled and Published. In addition, we can configure the visibility of the entry, so that it is accessible to anyone or has restrictions. Categories: Just below is the category part. This helps us to be able to group, catalog and, later, show only the entries of one or more categories.

More than one category can be selected for entries. As it appears in the image. In case we have a category that fits our entry, we can create it from the same tab. Blog categories Labels Then we have the option to add tags to our post. They have a similar function to categories. It will allow us to group entries that have similar themes. In addition, later we can create what is called a “tag cloud” that will show us a large number of these. Blog Tags These tags are written and added directly from the box. If you want to add more than one, separate each of these by a comma so that you can add several at once. Another option is to choose from the labels that you use the most. Outstanding image Finally, we have the option to include a featured image. In our case, it is the image Taiwan Database that illustrates this same entry. It is the header image, which will be used in the entry and as an image if we share our WordPress entry on social networks. It is advisable to always use the same measurements for this image, since this way we will have a symmetrical visual on our blog cover. wordpress post featured box Here we just have to click on the blue text and either select an image that we have previously uploaded to our website, or select an image from our computer. Remember to use images optimized for the web in order to facilitate the loading time of the web.

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