CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) What is CRO ( Conversion Rate Optimization )?

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CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) What is CRO ( Conversion Rate Optimization )?

This is a very recurring question in the digital field. First, let’s start with the essentials. The conversion rate is the most important marketing statistic . In a sense, it is the best way to measure the performance of our advertising and inbound marketing campaigns . Unlike other statistics such as CTR (click-through rate), CPC (cost per click) or visits to the website, the conversion rate really tells us if the actions taken are correct. Well, the CRO encompasses all those actions aimed at improving the conversion rate . What is Conversion Rate Optimization ? Now that we know what the conversion rate or CRO is, it’s time to take advantage of it. Conversion rate optimization is about improving your landing page , website, or advertising channels to convert more visitors into buyers , leads, or subscribers. The idea behind this concept is that we don’t have to double our free chinese phone number advertising budget to get more conversions. With the same amount of traffic on our website we can get double (or more) conversions, if the optimization process is successful. We will divide this rate into two categories and provide examples of how it can be implemented in those specific categories. On the website Creating a dedicated landing page can greatly improve conversions. By dedicated landing page we mean a single web page with a single focus or objective that is stipulated through a CTA (call to action ). The main benefit of showing fewer distractions on the page and concentrating the visitor on your offer is increasing conversions. Here are some ideas on how to create a more effective landing page and why it increases conversions: – Let’s not add a navigation bar. This way, the only actions people can do on the page are to click on our CTA , scroll down the page, or exit. – Keep it simple.

By keeping it simple, we make sure that only the necessary information is available on the landing page . There will be no distractions for other parts of the website. – Use sales techniques such as “scarcity” or “urgency” to generate more conversions. This is not really something that can be done on the general website. On a single-focus landing page it makes sense to give a business look. Use critical thinking Sure, we must always trust the data. But we must not lose the human aspect of things when it comes to this rate. A very good exercise to do is to experience the UI / UX of the website or landing page ourselves and apply a critical eye. Does this belong here? Is this part really necessary? Does this color match the landing page ? Are my images too large? Is this part of the form really necessary? These are some of the questions we must ask ourselves. Here are other elements that we can monitor to reduce the barrier to conversion: – Shorten things that are too long. – Shorten the forms. – Use bullets instead of paragraphs. – Reduce the number of pages a visitor must go through to complete the conversion. Of course, if we are too confident in our abilities and think the design is perfect, we can always ask a third party to review the landing page or website. Sometimes using critical thinking is about applying common sense, even if the results are not groundbreaking. Every little detail counts when it comes to conversion rate . A / B testing Another type of CRO strategy on everything on the website or landing page is testable by A / B testing. If the conversion rate is already strong, it may not change much. But people get bored easily, so it may not hold steady.

That is why we need to know how to test different things on the website. Some ideas are: – Validate the colors of the buttons. – Check the button shapes. – Change the main header. – Modify the titles. – Combine designs (rows of columns instead of paragraphs, for example). – Replace the length or the fields of the form. – Change the CTA . Advertising platform for inbound marketing Before creating different copies and creatives, let’s make sure to research the audience. Who is our target audience ? Let’s put ourselves in their shoes. What are your weak Taiwan Database spots? What are your needs? What does each product or service solve for them? What is demographics? – Years. – Location. – Family situation. – His work. What keywords and interests should we use? We have to know what our audience likes and what it relates to. When making ads on Facebook, we need to test different interests in different ad sets and turn off malfunctioning ads. This will tell us what interests we should maintain This is how we will achieve the CRO . This is one of the indicators that any digital trafficker must bear in mind.

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