Customer centric or customer-focused strategies

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Customer centric or customer-focused strategies

StartSalesCustomer centric or focused strategies …
It is possible that if you are interested in applying digital marketing strategies to your business, you have heard about the term customer centric, but what is customer centric? Do you really know what it is? Read on if you want to know what a customer centric strategy is, what its keys are and how it can help you improve the results of your company. What is a customer centric strategy
Let’s start by clarifying what customer  France Mobile Number Database is and what it is based on. To make it easier, we will first see what these words mean separately. What is customer in Spanish? Customer in our language means customer and Centric, center. We can already get a slight idea of ​​where the philosophy of this type of strategy is going.

Customer centric is a strategy that understands that the customer must always be the main axis of all actions carried out in the company . A customer centric philosophy is one that puts the customer at the center of all marketing activities and strategies carried out by the company, that is, they are customer-focused strategies. The main objective of any customer centric strategy is to align the products and services that a company offers with the needs of its customers in order to offer them the best possible experience and maximize the benefits of the company in the long term. The alignment of principles between company and client fosters a mutual benefit in which both parties are strengthened and satisfied..

It can be said that customer centricity are strategies focused on the customer and that by putting the customer at the center of its marketing actions, it moves away from other traditional strategies in which the customer occupies a second place, gaining a greater role for the brand, the service or product offered by the company. However, customer centricity does not mean satisfying the customer, this is just one of its vertices. The customer centricity involves working knowledge and understanding of the needs of the customer to satisfy power across all marketing initiatives undertaken by the company.Customer-centric companies base their entire marketing strategy on their customer, put it in the central axis and from there the different actions are developed. We ourselves apply this type of strategy in our company and we are one of the customer centric companies that you can find in the market to help you adopt this strategy in your business Origin of the customer centric Although it may seem that the term customer centric is something new, it really is not. At the end of the sixties, specifically in 1967, the publicist Lester Wunderman developed the concept of direct marketing , which today we could consider the beginning of customer-centric marketing. Wunderman understood that it was necessary to carry out a study of customer behavior and consumption habits in order to respond to their needs through new value propositions that would satisfy them.

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Although it is true that the bases on which the term customer centric is based are not new, the way in which this philosophy is developed today is. The context of competition in which companies operate and the increasing expectations shown by customers together with the demands that they demand from brands have favored a framework in which more and more companies are forced to adopt a customer strategy centric to achieve success. In addition, thanks to Big Data, companies are able to collect a large amount of information about their ideal customers or Buyer Persona in order to know what their wishes and needs are and satisfy them, thus increasing the possibilities of sale. Seven keys to a customer-centric strateg Customer centricity is based on seven basic pillars that lay the foundations for a framework of action through which companies can strengthen their relationship with the customer. The seven keys to a customer centric strategy are: customer centric

Experience Companies should strive to make the customer experience good and enjoyable . Companies that work to improve the customer experience contribute to making them feel comfortable and satisfied, favoring greater positive interaction on their part through various channels and even recommending the company to their close friends. Loyalt It is essential to achieve loyalty from customers and this can be worked by making them feel valued and recognized by the company . The company can reward or reward the loyalty of its customers in many ways. One example many companies put into practice is guaranteeing older customers that they will never  Taiwan Database  pay more than new ones. Communication It is crucial to personalize the company’s messages and communications with the customer based on the customer’s preferences . The companies that personalize their messages to the customer according to their tastes, needs and purchasing habits favor a much more personal, relevant and transparent communication with which the customer is able to identify. Products Have a variety of different products and options to meet customer needs. Not all clients are the same, so not all have the same needs. This does not mean that companies should have an infinite product catalog to satisfy all possible needs, but rather to offer what their customers need . Promotions Through promotions, companies can arouse customers’ interest in the products and services that interest them the most. Promotions are necessary so that customers know the products available. In addition, they allow the customer to know the advantages of the different products to find the one that best suits their needs.

Price Although price is not everything, it can be a determining factor. Companies must bet on fair prices that are consistent with what customers expect to pay. It’s not about having the lowest prices, but about aligning prices with customer expectations. It is important that the client perceives the prices as fair to strengthen their trust with the company. Feedback The company must have an open and active listening attitude to be able to know the needs of the client, as well as their criticisms, suggestions and opinions to be able to take note and improve. It is important to maintain a two-way communication between company and client, as well as an emotional connection. As a sales agency , we apply the customer centric philosophy or customer-focused strategies to all of our clients. Where to start to apply a customer centric strategy correctly and attract your ideal customer The first and foremost thing is to perfectly know our ideal client or buyer persona (Click on the word buyer persona to learn how to create yours). Develop an attraction strategy based on content (text, video, audio, image …) that attract and help you solve the problems for your ideal client. Implement a conversion strategy that when you already have the first visitors to your website, you must create a hook that makes it leave you some important information to get to know it better (Name, email …) IF you know your buyer persona, surely you will know that hook put it. Create a lead nurturing plan that turns cold leads into end customers. New call to action

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