Dave Grohl’s His Over A Thousand Fans

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Dave Grohl’s His Over A Thousand Fans

Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters have been the theme of the week globally, thanks to their Italian fans. There is no doubt that the viral of the week is the Georgia Mobile Database video recorded by a thousand fans of Italian Foo Fighters in order for the group to include them on their tour. Dave Grohl’s response was swift and if the action video has more than 15 million views in three days, the artist’s response has been shared, on Facebook alone, more than 5 million times.

Round-trip marketing, with an emotional connotation that has enchanted the world. More related posts: 1000 Foo Fighters record, what happens when the public does the marketing. Big Data The future of marketing? The city is a brand. 5 music videos recorded in DF. The video is homemade and was uploaded to the band’s Facebook page. Surely Dave Grohl recorded it on his cell phone in minutes. Georgia Mobile Number List

Apologizing for his bad Italian, he thanks the city for the tribute (Who wouldn’t!) And then responds regarding the possible visit to Cesena. You will imagine the Brother Cell Phone List news. However, in this case, the importance of the viral is put in the pressure that the public can make, when they join, to get the brand – in this case, Grohl and Foo Fighters – respond to what is expected of it.

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