Develop optimized and relevant content that is useful both today and in the future.

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Develop optimized and relevant content that is useful both today and in the future.

Make sure that your website is not too heavy, that it is easy to download and that it is not difficult to navigate within it. After you have done the initial work and while you continue to develop good quality content while improving your website, this is the time that you should mostly wait: Getting initial results usually takes 3 months. Most notable results take 6 months. Reaching the full objectives can take 12 months. You should keep in mind that these are simple general estimates. The actual time will depend on direct factors such as the quantity, frequency and quality of the content you publish . It should be noted that this package includes the general canada mobile number list quality of the web. If you see time passing and you don’t generate results, you shouldn’t be discouraged, just keep working. SEO positioning price Answer the question ‘what is the price of SEO positioning?’ It is very difficult. Not all SEO projects are the same. Since, it is not the same to have to configure a website from scratch, that a website needs an SEO review or to fix a website has a Google penalty. What, if it must be said, is that you should not even think about those misleading offers that say ‘In a month we positioned your website among the first places’, since this is totally false. So don’t think about paying for it. The prices of SEO positioning vary greatly. This is due to the different structures and needs.

Here we will leave you the most common options that you can find. SEO audit : The audit focuses on reviewing the current situation of any website . Each and every one of the aspects that the web has, can directly or indirectly influence its SEO. The case of the cost of the audit could depend on the number of urls that a specific website contains. But to give an idea, a website with 100 urls can cost around 1,000 euros, while one that contains thousands of urls could reach 10,000 euros. This will also depend on whether you hire a marketing agency or a freelancer. Project: A project-based plan is relatively simple, and they are often the best known among agencies. These are based on a one-time cost to complete a specific job that you want to accomplish . The price will always vary depending on the scope and needs of the task. According to statistics, the prices per SEO project can range from 1,000 euros to 6,000 euros. Monthly Fee: This is a good option if you want to establish a long-term working relationship with an agency for constant SEO development. Usually, Marketing agencies handle a monthly SEO positioning price of 1,000 euros or a little less; although some company with more experience and recognition may charge up to 3,000 euros per month.

Price per Hours: In this case, a price per hour worked is established and an amount of hours necessary to work and comply with the schedule for the project is specified. Initially, it can be the cheapest and most comfortable alternative . Prices can be between 80 Euros and 170 Euros per hour. But it may not be the most profitable option, since achieving SEO positioning results takes a long time. You can have this type of contract mostly with a freelancer that you want to hire for small projects. As we mentioned earlier, the price of SEO positioning is difficult to Taiwan Database calculate and specify , because it will always depend on many factors. But we hope that with this article you have been able to give you an idea of ​​how much you can spend or invest to pay a good SEO expert and thus achieve a good positioning for your website.

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