Difference between Google Ads and Google AdSense

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Difference between Google Ads and Google AdSense

Although we already saw in the SEO dictionary what Google Ads is and how it works , we are going to remember the most important of it so that you better understand the differences between Google Ads and Google AdSense, since there is this other program (also Google’s own) to create ads that are sometimes confusing. Let’s start then by clarifying what Google Ads is 🙂 What is Google Ads? Google Ads is a program that allows you to create ads that will appear on the Google SERP and on our network of partner sites. Advertisers do not pay to use Google Ads, they usually pay based on the number of impressions or the number of clicks on that ad. Also, as we saw in the post about Google Ads, there are different types of ads. These are: Search Ads. Display ads. Video ads. App ads. Google Ads example google ads example What is Google AdSense? Google AdSense provides website owners with a way to earn money by advertising their products all india phone number list or services to others through their site. Advertisers create and pay for their ads. The amount that the owner of the website where they advertise earns will depend on the type of advertisement. Types of ads in Google AdSense Text Ads Display ads Rich media ads Dynamic Image Ads Video ads HTML Ads Link blocks Responsive Ads Related content And since we know what Google AdSense is, we need to know how it works to start making money. How does Google AdSense work? Register in Google AdSense. Start by signing up for Google AdSense by providing your website url and your email. Where the ads will appear. Once you have registered, Google will provide you with a code to paste it in the head section of the html of each page where you want the ads to appear.

You can also choose the exact place within these pages. The ads that will appear on your website. Advertisers who have created their ads with Google Ads, place bids to appear in advertising spaces, such as your website. On the site you have chosen, the ad with the highest bid will appear. In addition, you can block the ads that you do not want to appear or even modify their appearance. Earn money. Google is in charge of billing advertisers and networks for each time the ads are seen or clicked. What works and what doesn’t? With the statistics that Google AdSense provides, you will know what type of ads are working on your website and which ones are not. This will allow you to compare and explore much better options to increase your earnings. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? We are going to see now how Google Ads and Google AdSense differ to know which one we are interested in using or even if we want to use both. [bctt tweet = “Google Ads and Google AdSense, no matter which of these two options you choose, the important thing is that you choose one and take advantage of this simple way to earn passive money that #Google provides you”] Differences between Google Ads and Google AdSense With Google Ads we can create advertising campaigns for advertisers to spread their products and services.

However, Google AdSense will be in charge of managing all these ads so that they appear on another website that deals with issues related to the advertiser’s service or product. The creator of the website where the ads will appear decides where to display these ads, not the creator of the ad itself. Advertisers don’t pay to use a platform to advertise on, they pay for each time someone clicks on the ad. The price to pay will depend on the keyword, the score (the quality score) and the position of the ad. On the other hand, the creator of the website where they are going to be advertised, charges for giving that advertising space every time someone clicks on the advertisement. Both Google AdSense and Google Ads are free, but the latter needs to have a balance in it to Taiwan Database hire the keywords of your ads. Which one is better for you? From all this we can make clear which of these two systems is the one we are looking for, or even if we want to use both. We save that Google Ads and Google AdSense differ in the audience and the target, since Google Ads is intended for advertisers and Google AdSense for webmasters who want to make money with their website. But even though each one is destined for a different function, they still have a relationship with each other . Why? Because Google AdSense will manage those ads that have been previously created by Google Ads. And which one do you prefer? 🙂

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