Differences between UI and UX Have you ever heard of the terms UI and UX ?

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Differences between UI and UX Have you ever heard of the terms UI and UX ?

If so, they may have caused you some confusion and you don’t really know the differences between UI and UX . In this article we will explain what these differences are between UI and UX , something that is relevant to become professional web designers and multimedia creators. What is UI and UX ? Today, in the world of digital design there is a wide variety of tools that have been created to allow different users to design interfaces where they can interact. In addition, these aim to get a good experience with them. However, one thing is a “well-designed” interface benin phone call or website and another is the experience of the user visiting that site or interface. That is precisely what the UI and the UX are about , two related terms, but which in turn are separate. Let’s look at this in more detail so that you understand it better.

What is UI ? The meaning of UI in English is “ user interface ” , which means “ user interface ”. As its name suggests, it refers to the creation of the interface through which a user, or users, can interact and communicate through a device. This interface can be graphically created or have been developed by the following technologies: UX view Java EE. Python. HTML. SUN. CSS. YUI. These are just some of the programming languages ​​that exist to develop interfaces or websites that can capture the user’s attention. Its intention is always to be attractive and to fit the needs of the company or individual for which the interface was created. Although over time this interface may undergo a series of changes to be more efficient or optimized . An example of this would be the Facebook platform, which has changed a lot since the first model it had at the beginning and, not long ago, it did it again. All in order to offer a better interface and user experience to its customers.

However, there this question arises: How does Facebook know that its new interface is better than the old one? We will see the answer below with the explanation that we will give about UX . What is UX ? The meaning of UX in English is ” u be experience” , which means user experience. And, in this case, it refers to the usability of the interface or website from the perspective of the user who is browsing within it. In other words, what that user is perceiving when interacting with the website. UX development This is why the UX is so important. In other words, it is the means by which the “user’s opinion” regarding the website is measured; if you found it pleasant, easy to navigate, intuitive, with everything within the reach of a click, etc. All this makes the user stay Taiwan Database longer on the site and, therefore, it is assumed that they are having a better experience, which can translate into more sales if the website is an e-commerce, more subscribed users , recommendations or contacts. A small example of UI and UX Picking up the glove of the question about the improvement, or not, of Facebook’s interface.

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