Discover the advantages of email marketing

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Discover the advantages of email marketing

Email marketing is one of the online communication techniques that is most used today and from which we can benefit. A few weeks ago we told some tricks to create a perfect newsletter and we also explained which were the most used free email marketing tools with which to develop it correctly. In this Zoping post , we are going to list some of the advantages of email marketing to communicate with our clients. Keep reading! But before starting, we remember the importance of having a consolidated list of contacts, who have previously signed up for your newsletter, to develop effective campaigns. Remember that quality is better than quantity, since not by having more clients you will get more effective campaigns. What is email marketing? Email marketing, also known as mailing , is about sending emails to a database that we have previously defined . These contacts can be potential clients of the company, people who have subscribed to the newsletter  Kazakhstan Phone Number List  or prospects, for example. The objective of email marketing is none other than to send a message to our contacts or clients in order to attract new and potential clients, in addition to strengthening relationships, interacting, increasing sales, creating brand loyalty or generating trust, among others. things. 8 benefits of email marketing Now that you know what email marketing is exactly, it’s time to get to know what are some of its main benefits: Economic Email marketing is considerably cheaper than other communication channels, which makes it truly profitable for companies. If we compare the cost of email marketing with a campaign on television or radio, or with sending ordinary mail, we will see that it is much lower.

To carry out an email marketing campaign we only need a wide portfolio of clients, a good strategy and be clear about our objectives. Fast and effective Besides being inexpensive, email marketing is also fast and effective. Thanks to it, we can reach our target audience directly and immediately, regardless of where our receiver is at that time. In addition, if we carry out a comparison with the rest of the media in which we can advertise, email marketing allows us to segment our campaign as best we want, reaching different types of audiences in each of them. Immediate results Another benefit of email marketing is that we can check the results of our campaign in real time. Shortly after launching the campaign we can be seeing statistics on that shipment, how many clicks we have received, how many people have opened the email, etc. It is essential to carry out a complete analysis and a subsequent measurement of the result that an email marketing campaign has had and analyze the results to see if our work has been a success or a failure and where we can hit or miss. In this way we will be able to make decisions about future processes and at the same time we will be able to optimize our strategy. Custom Campaigns Unlike other media in which communication actions are massive, email marketing allows us to create personalized campaigns for each type of client or potential clients. The more personalized the email, the greater the reception and response capacity we will obtain. As we have specific data about our clients such as name, surname or town; We can create lists addressing our clients by name, making our mail much closer, personalizing our campaign as much as possible.

It is not the same that they address a group of people in general than us in particular, especially in the case of online stores, for example, which use this type of hook to launch promotions or discounts. In many of the email marketing tools, you will find free email templates with which design will not be a problem. Segmentation To create a good personalized campaign, we must first be clear about the importance of having our client portfolio well segmented. Segmentation is essential, since we can apply different criteria depending on the type of audience we are targeting. Therefore, another benefit of email marketing is the segmentation capacity that we can carry out when sending to one of our databases, since we can apply different criteria for each person. Automatic dispatch Another of the most important advantages of email marketing is that it can help us automate our campaign, thus saving time so that we can do other types of tasks. Most email marketing   Taiwan Database  tools allow us to schedule our shipments avoiding the risk of forgetting to send our campaign at a specific time or day. We only have to worry about creating the campaign and scheduling it to be sent whenever we want. Share on Social Networks Email marketing tools also allow us to integrate social media platforms such as Facebook , Twitter or Instagram to our campaign. In this way we expand the communication channels reaching many more people at the same time since our readers will be able to share the information that we have provided them. Generate web traffic And finally, note that a good email marketing campaign will generate yes or yes traffic to our website. For this you must know how to make the perfect newsletter with an attractive subject and quality content that catches the attention of our customers at a glance. If you have been convinced by these benefits of email marketing, which we have listed, to start it up on your website, blog or online store, remember that at Zoping , we help companies digitize their sales . Access our website to contact us . What did you think of this post?

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