Do you know how to search on Google? Search tricks

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Do you know how to search on Google? Search tricks

Are you sure you know how to search Google? It seems like a silly question but surely after this article your answer may be different. Already in 2012 Google processed about 3.3 billion daily queries … if we try to get an idea of ​​such magnitude, it is very big, yes … And the best of all is that the average response time is 0.3 seconds . logo of Google These numbers make us think that there will be searches of all kinds and especially in many different ways. Although experience has made us learn which query formulas give us the most optimal results, there are still famous people’s cell phone numbers many people who believe that Google processes searches as if you were asking a person and that is almost the case. In fact, now with Google Now, we can make queries in natural language and we will be surprised by the answers it will give us. In this post we will try to give a review of the ways that the famous search engine accepts when obtaining information of any kind and thus help us obtain the best possible results.

Tricks to find what you are looking for on Google 1. “exact phrase” By enclosing an exact phrase in quotes, Google will show us as results all the websites that contain exact occurrences of those phrases. 2. Asterisk or wildcard: word * word To search for possible combinations between words in which we do not know one or more, we can use the wildcard *. Thanks to it, Google will show us results that contain possible combinations depending on where we have placed the asterisk. 3. Results that do not contain a word, – If we want to eliminate from the list of results those that contain a specific word, we must use the minus sign. For example, if we want to obtain the results of “bart”, excluding those that contain “simpson”, the search to be carried out would be: bart -simpson . 4. Searches for several alternatives If we want to do a search in which the entire phrase is the same, except for a word that can take several values, we will use the | to separate these words, for example: “hotels in granada | malaga”.

5. File types If we need to search for specific types of files, we only have to use the filetype operator , for example, if we search for exercises in digital electronics in pdf the search would be: exercises in digital electronics filetype: pdf. 6. Search by images Although it is not widely used yet, Google already has an image-based search engine. I’m not talking about searching for images related to a search word or criteria, but rather a search based on an image. We can do this from Google Images from where we can upload an image that we want to find information Taiwan Database about and Google will give us the results obtained from it. For example, if we upload a photo of the Alhambra, Google will give us all the results related to the monument. In addition to all these tricks, Google has many more, especially for SEO-related searches . We will deal with this in another article. Greetings and search!

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