Emocracy: How emotions have taken over all consumer decisions

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Emocracy: How emotions have taken over all consumer decisions

Emotions have become the parsley present in all sauces in recent times. Analysts warned that consumers had changed and now wanted more than ever for companies to bond with them emotionally. The companies designed their marketing strategies but also their messages, their consumer experiences or even their packaging taking into account this new reality. And consumers were carried away by emotional ties when they approached a brand or company.

The power of the emotions was constantly increasing and his weight was becoming more and more firm. But has a border already been crossed  buy cell phone number  and emotions have begun to position themselves in a position perhaps already too strong? This is, do we already make all decisions based on emotions?

There are those who have begun to use the term emocracy, which we could translate as emocracy, when doing political analysis. The term fuses, in English, emotions and democracy. Instead of making thoughtful political decisions, citizens would indulge in emotions and feelings and respond to messages that work at those levels. That would be what would explain the high growth of populism in recent times.

Impact on marketing strategy
But the term can also be easily extrapolated to the world of companies and the field of marketing, since at the end of the day the principles that lead to decisions being made in one field are similar to those that lead to decisions being made in another. . In consumption and decisions related to brands and companies, consumers are also carried away by the emotional.

As analysts have been pointing out for years, consumers want to bond with brands emotionally. This not only implies that there will be a more or less solid relationship with some of them, but that decisions will also be made starting from that base. Feelings have cannibalized everything.

As one columnist at Warc explains , it has kind of entered a kind of post-rational era. Decisions aren’t made irrationally, he explains, but not exactly rationally either. Consumers are carried away by more elements and by more questions when it comes to establishing what they want, how and when.

It has changed everything for brands and companies
All of this not only makes it necessary to change what is done to connect with them, but also makes it much more difficult to understand what brands want and what they should do. Each time, recalls the columnist, it is more and more difficult to explain the shopping journeys of consumers, especially when trying to make a division of what is happening. That is, explaining things in terms of rational or non-rational, emotional or cognitive decisions, is increasingly impossible, because the borders are blurred and the emotional invades everything. Now there is no other option to speak from holistic perspectives. Either you take the whole as a whole or it is impossible to outline what consumers do and want.

And all this also means that the traditional marketing and advertising models have stopped working. Following the linear formats of traditional  buy cell phone number  advertising campaigns, those that captured the attention of the consumer, interested them and pushed them towards consumption, no longer works, because purchasing decisions are no longer made following that ‘orderly’ scheme.

In addition, it is no longer just that things have become complex and that emotions have conquered everything, but it has also made the working base of companies much less solid. Companies have to be adapting their messages at all times and they have to be much faster and much more dynamic when it comes to launching messages, responding and adapting to the market.

Everything is going much faster and companies have much less time to think about what they are going to do or how.

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