EO On-Page and Off-Page

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EO On-Page and Off-Page

SEO positioning (also known as Search Engine Optimization) is responsible for positioning a website in the first results of the search engine giant, Google, through On-Page and Off-Page SEO. This method makes it possible in an organic way, that is, without paying for advertising on platforms such as Adwords . The different techniques that are used for this have the same objective, but different field of action, therefore it is possible to differentiate how to type a german phone number between:SEO On-Page: these are the improvements that are made within a website and that help it improve with respect to the positioning it has, such as optimizing tags and images. SEO Off-Page : these are techniques that are not carried out within the website itself. Virtually all experts recommend starting with Seo On-Page and optimizing our own page for search engines before focusing efforts on other tools.

Fundamental differences between on-page and off-page SEO positioning
When talking about On-Page SEO, it is referring to how it affects the structure of a website, in the position it occupies in search engines. It is important to determine concepts such as website content, tags, meta descriptions, URL structure , internal links, loading speed, code, and of course usability.On the other hand, when referring to Off-Page SEO, we are talking about the best way to disseminate and promote a site on the Internet. Its areas of action are, above all, social media profiles, link building or creating links with good quality and social presence. The number of times your content is shared on other websites or platforms that are related to your topic and are of interest to your potential clients. How to attract more visits or get more sales using SEO strategies? The objective of SEO positioning is to improve the position of your page in search engines to attract visits to your website In order to have quality traffic and a good SEO positioning, the most important thing is to know both the characteristics of the target audience and the needs of potential customers. In this way, they can be offered the information they need at all times. Information of quality and interest is better valued by Google than a lot of medium-low quality post with dozens of links and abuse of keywords .

Another of the basic elements to take into account is NEVER copy content from other pages, since if you value that your content is duplicate it will penalize you in searches despite your good work in other elements of the web. One of the ways to improve Off-Page SEO is to create links in related blogs, in articles of interest in magazines or newspapers , for example. To create them it is convenient to do it constantly over time, especially if the website is new. As any visitor would do in a natural way and that is related in content with the link created. It is very interesting to get links through authority pages and avoid sites such as link farms or directories Taiwan Database and above all that the content of those pages is similar to yours, of interest and related to what you want to tell. Conclution Right now the search engines give much more importance to the search intention than to the keywords that are written in the search engine and that can be used for SEO positioning. The way the content is approached is very important to appear in the top positions of search engines. Getting quality visits using On-Page and Off-Page SEO strategies is what will provide better conversions on websites.

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