Escription of the page: It must attract the attention so that the reader enters the page

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Escription of the page: It must attract the attention so that the reader enters the page

The perfect size would be two sentences and not exceed 300 characters. < meta property = “og: description” content = “This is my test web page. You will find some very interesting things here.” > Image address: Here we can indicate the address where the image that we want to show in the box is hosted. < meta property = “og: image” content = Of course, there are more configurable Facebook parameters and they can all be found on its official documentation website . Add Twitter Cards The way to introduce Twitter Cards is very similar to that of Facebook, but changes the attribute that indicates what it is. Twitter requires certain tags example india phone number and we will add a red asterisk ( * ) to indicate if that tag is. This would be the same example of Twitter Cards: Card type * : Twitter has different types of cards to display a summary, summary with large image, video player or application. < meta name = “twitter: card” content = “summary_large_image” > Page address or Twitter : this option allows us to enter the web address or include the name of our Twitter account in order to link it. < meta name = “twitter: site” content = Website title * : The title must be direct and should not be longer than one line for the web or two for mobile devices.

< meta name = “twitter: title” content = “My website” > Description – A short, attention-grabbing comment that explains what the website is about. The visible limit would be three lines. < meta name = “twitter: description” content = “This is my test web page. Here you will find some very interesting things.” > Image to be displayed: an image with a 2: 1 aspect ratio and no larger than 4096 × 4096 pixels. That it is striking or curious, will make the public stop to see the post. < meta name = “twitter: image” content =” > Performing this and other tasks improves the user experience when surfing the net and visiting our website. This task carried out when we publish an entry or a new page, will make search engines obtain more information and be able to index our pages correctly. We hope this entry has been useful to you. Do we exchange cards? 🙂

Copy with image or image with copy
Well, there is the eternal question, what or who accompanies what. It really depends a lot on the support where we have the content or the image, one or the other will be the protagonist. In our previous example ( Twitter ), an image without a good text is not understood or makes sense, which must also keep and respect the premise of 140 characters. Here, the image is the one that accompanies the text, the one that “supports” the weight of what we convey Taiwan Database with words but, instead, on Instagram, it’s the other way around. No matter how wonderful the text you put, if your photo or image is bad (either for quality or content), the whole is a disaster. So, it’s like the chicken and the egg, what was it before? We do not know but we really do not care because what we have clear is that one without the other, they do not work.

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