Essential phases to succeed in the blogosphere with a marketing blog (and other topics)

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Essential phases to succeed in the blogosphere with a marketing blog (and other topics)

It’s time to start the New Year’s resolutions, right? If among yours is launching a marketing blog, this “magic recipe” may be useful to you. I have never analyzed it in detail but I would say that on average the most successful posts are those about blogging. The vast majority of readers therefore usually have a blog. If we expand towards social networks, advertising, online businesses and electronic commerce, we could say that 90% of those who pass through here are interested in at least one of these topics. marketing Armenia Cell Phone Numbers photo rights Combining both points of analysis it could be that a large number of readers themselves have what we could broadly categorize as a marketing blog . Who does creating a marketing blog make sense for? Before continuing, it is worth investing a couple of minutes to reflect on the question whether this marketing blog makes a lot of sense. What you have to know is that there are many and consequently the competition is getting tougher.

Despite all this. Who makes sense to open a marketing blog? Students Level of English “medium-high” is one of the most prominent lies of the average Spanish curriculum. This document is less and less reliable because you can put practically anything. A blog goes further because it really shows that you know something beyond the 2 pages of your CV. If you want to work with me on an e-commerce issue outside of Spain, the best way to convince me would be with a quality post on the subject in English. A blog can help you find a job . As with any other objective you have to work it out.

Marketing professionals In these times, you always have to be ready to leave your job and find a place in a new company. The best way to increase your market value is to also prove to the outside that you are worth it. A blog can be a good way to sell yourself to a new boss. Freelance One of the best ways to sell your services is to present and describe them on a blog. You don’t always have to do it directly, but it may be even better to do it “hidden”. By this I do not mean that you are intransparent but rather that you do not appear to be selling. Your goal has to be to add value by sharing knowledge without expecting anything in return .Armenia Phone Number List

Entrepreneurs This case is still a bit special but it works anyway. If you have set up a company and also offer a product or service within the field of marketing, it can make perfect sense to share your experience on a blog. You are not really selling your start-up . The “trick” again is to do it indirectly . Essential phases to stand out with a marketing blog However. If you have identified with any of the groups mentioned above, the question now is: how do you get started? Publish a compilation post gathering many well-known marketing bloggers Now comes the first trick. To make yourself known as a “Nobody” it is best to rely on the strength and personal brands of other professionals in the sector. The multi-mega-interview is becoming an increasingly popular format to carry out.

Write a guest-post on a top blog Since we are talking about marketing, contact Taiwan Database to publish a post on his blog. As a reference you can show him the multi-mega-interview and the success it had. Another option is to write a mega-entry of 10,000 words to appear on the Quondos blog. Both options are not easy to carry out, but for many authors this step has been worthwhile.

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