Everything I haven’t done to get 10,000 subscribers in 2 years

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Everything I haven’t done to get 10,000 subscribers in 2 years

Another moment of celebration has arrived. I have reached 10,000 subscribers in 2 years. In this post I tell you everything I have not done to achieve it. When I launched this blog I made one of the basic mistakes of many bloggers. I did not use the email subscription to generate the famous “list”. This blog has been running for 6 years but I have implemented the possibility of receiving my content beyond Philippines Phone Number List just 2 years ago. The 10,000 subscriber milestone passed
I have something to celebrate. When I wrote this post I was on the verge of breaking the 10,000 subscriber barrier. By the time you read these lines I’ll be over it. It took me 2 years to achieve this figure when I thought I could do it in just over 1.

Regardless of having achieved it in more or less time, this figure clearly shows something very simple that I cannot stop repeating. Consistency has a prize. It is not relevant what you can do in certain 24 hours but what you are capable of repeating in weeks, months and even years. Everything else is a waste of time. If you are looking to achieve something important, have the necessary patience and invest the necessary effort to achieve it . How could I have doubled this number?
Despite having reached an important figure, I have stayed far from what would have been possible. I don’t try too hard to achieve it which is a good and a bad thing at the same time. These are the main points that have prevented me from duplicating the data achieved:

Not having been focused on the blog
The blog is a tool and not an end in my case. I prioritize the daily post in my weekly routine but I hardly invest resources to promote content or do other types of activities that could help me generate more traffic. Lack of weekly goals and follow-up
Without follow-up you cannot know if you are doing well or badly. In this case it had a figure of 10,000 and the variable was time. Normally you have to get the most out of a given time and not the other way around.

Prioritize usability over conversionPhilippines Phone Number List
Like any other blogger, I also have the dilemma of whether or not to use high-conversion pop-up formats to achieve a high number of subscribers. I have given preference to less intrusive formats that convert worse. Every day this has made me easily “lose” 10-20 subscribers. Lack of hooks to attract new subscribers
As a subscriber of this blog you receive a book of mine and a paid blogging course for free. I have not varied this incentive 2 years ago. With the exception of a webinar I have not developed new hooks that would have helped me reach more subscribers every day.

I have not reached 20,000 subscribers due to lack of focus. Blogging for me is a lifestyle but today it doesn’t change my life having a subscriber more or less. Obviously I do not reject anyone ( sign up here ) so you are still about to form my Taiwan Database.
I’m not going to guarantee that you will receive the best advice on online marketing around here (with the number of bloggers in this niche, it would be a lie). What I can assure you is that without a doubt you will receive either something of value to have a good time or a little kick in the ass. That may vary depending on your needs …;)

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