Evolution towards web 4.0 Did you think that everything would stay as it is?

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Evolution towards web 4.0 Did you think that everything would stay as it is?

A web page has “life”, it changes and evolves over time. The web 4.0 , the 4th Generation Internet or the Contextual Internet is still beginning to take its first steps. Despite being in its infancy, many statesmen are clear about where this new evolution of the web is heading : towards a world where 10% of the population will have some item of clothing connected to the Internet . In short, towards the Internet of Everything . Since the beginning of the Internet in 1966, web pages have been adapting to the new times and new technologies from webs 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and now web pages 4.0. What has been the evolution until reaching web 4.0? Web 1.0 Web 1.0 is the primitive web, the origin of the internet, it is mainly characterized by its unidirectionality. The 1.0 webs only contained text. It is the first website of all, the one that developed throughout the 20th century. Therefore, it is the version with the most basic design, the one known for being the Internet of users finland cell phone numbers or navigators. During this period, the contents were static and new materials could not be created, since everything was in the hands of the webmaster . Web 1.0 had an informative character, documentary and informative information was introduced on the internet. With the passage of time, companies began to give it importance and the first corporate company web pages were created, with very simple designs and with little content due to its difficulty in updating. Web 2.0 Web 2.0 was the internet revolution, web pages such as forums, blogs began to emerge …

the internet had evolved towards a much more social character. It is the first website to appear in this new century, an important evolution with respect to the previous one. In this new version, the Internet is much more social and users can exchange content and ideas through different platforms, such as social networks, forums or blogs, among others. The scope of the web 1.0 was quite limited, but the 2.0 represents a global conquest and reaches millions of users all over the planet. The objective of web 2.0 is to share knowledge among users, it is the collaborative web and it has been one of the main roles that the internet played when it came to getting new users. Web 3.0 It is the Internet as it is known today. It is also known as the semantic web. It is a much more intelligent version and close to understanding human language itself. It is characterized by a greater use of mobile devices and tools such as the famous “cloud”. Web 3.0 is about the intelligent web, it relies heavily on the cloud to provide services to users and eliminate complex programs and large hard drives to store information.

The positioning of the future 4.0 Web 4.0 we may end up calling it the “active web.” The use of browsers on web 3.0 is essential and they are the ones that show us the information, mainly web pages, that we use based on our searches. This is a radical change. Since it is fully implemented, it will eliminate several steps that currently web 3.0 requires us, making everything much more direct. The 4 fundamental pillars that will support this new website of the future are: Speech-to-text techniques and understanding of natural language. The new web 4.0 will be able to understand human language and will be able to express written information in spoken language Taiwan Database and create a perfect semantic representation. New M2M or machine-machine communication models . The intelligent agents of the cloud will be able to communicate with each other and leave the answer to the most suitable agent for it. Sentiment analysis or use of context information. They may be used wearables that monitor certain aspects of the human being, such as blood pressure or body temperature, to determine the attitude of the user. New forms of interaction with the person.

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