Facebook Disseminate informative content, launch promotions

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Facebook Disseminate informative content, launch promotions

Discounts, share images and videos of the daily shift, news about dental services and content with great value. Instagram As it is a visual network, my advice is that you disseminate images and videos about the treatments or services of the dental clinic. Also take advantage of stories and reels to post short tips, funny moments and challenges . Twitter It publishes news from the dental health sector and scientific advances. In this way, you will build a close relationship with your customers. LinkedIn It will help to connect with people who are looking for the dental services you offer. Additionally, clinic employees can take the opportunity to stand out by promoting indian cell phone number format their personal brand. Developing a social media plan will be key to this step. 8. Use influencers to promote the clinic therapistsNo, influencer marketing is not exclusive to large companies. Get it out of your head. An ideal option for your dental clinic is to lean towards micro-influencers . Therefore, the key to this dental marketing tactic is to pick the ones that are related to your target audience. If they are younger people, try to have influencers of their age, contrary to if they are older. If the business is in Valencia, the effective thing is to hire a micro-influencer located in this geographical area with followers around. influencer marketing dental clinic 9. Referral and discount programs resultsYears go by and “word of mouth” is a very efficient way to attract new patients. But we should never depend only on it. One method to incentivize it is by using so-called reward bonuses. How does it work? It is very easy, it consists of a discount to all those clients who recommend you to another.

It is one of the oldest promotional strategies, but it continues to give positive results. You can empower it with a deadline, since the urgency moves people to act immediately so as not to lose and you activate fear. No one likes to lose! There are also other types of discounts that are effective and practical in dental marketing: Discount for the number of contracted services. Discounts for prompt payment. Discounts for single payment. Seasonal discounts. Discount for special date. 10. Allows Financing priceOne of the reasons that some people do not go to the dentist is the economic cost of a treatment. But what if we remove this barrier by offering flexible financing? It will be a way to attract customers and retain existing ones. 11. Local media email marketingUsing the local media to promote your company has the advantage that the message will reach the people located in the geographical area that interests you. Having a presence in radio, television and local press stations gives you credibility and people who are not so closely related to the digital world will see you. If you have enough budget, don’t lose them. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE FOR FREE! Can’t sell through your website? 12 actions to save, scale and automate the income of your digital business I want the guide ebook blog 12. Workshops social mediaIs online marketing putting aside the use of traditional marketing? Not at all, the two visions are different but in practice they complement each other. A very effective action to boost the business is to establish quality contacts through the creation of workshops. Events are the ideal environment to develop this marketing technique. You never know! Extra tips for your clinic’s marketing strategy We come to the last part of the post.

You already know the online and offline methods to develop an effective dental marketing strategy. But this is not all, since I want to give you a series of additional tips that will surely be useful to achieve the success of your dental clinic: It awakens in clients the emotions related to well-being, beauty and sympathy that a beautiful smile produces. Avoid advertisements and advertisements that associate dental treatment with pain and discomfort. Show comfort and joy. The corporate identity of the clinic must be connected to your entire strategy. They have to recognize you just by seeing any post of yours with the naked eye. To overcome the weakness of waiting times that many businesses have, it is convenient to provide the spaces for magazines, television, Wi-Fi, a children’s area, and water and tea dispensers. The key is to create a warm Taiwan Database and close environment. The kindness and empathy of employees is essential for patients to feel safe and less anxious. If you lean towards billboards, flyers, brochures, or even social media posts, use real images of the clinic and clients. There is already a saturation of fake smiles that only convey the wrong message. Do not go easy with photos from image banks. Use video . Today it is essential and generates a lot of trust. Create a page within your website with cases from before and after passing through your hands. This is a magnet! Conclusion: Do I need to apply dental marketing in my clinic? The demand for dental services will always be there. The trick to surviving and thriving in this field is to attract potential patients and ensure that they choose you as the ultimate option. The work is not easy because the competition is very high. Some experts even claim that a dental clinic is successful if it recruits 50 new patients a month. But to meet this figure, you should not hesitate when betting on the strategies that I have just told you. Surely you are already looking for a qualified team, therefore, I put my team at your full disposal . Fill in the form and we will tell you if we can help you: >> Click here if you need a marketing team to help you boost your clinic Don’t lose the smile you want for your patients. Take the road with the support of expert professionals in the area who guide you on what is new and effective in dental marketing.

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