Featured Google snippet, definition and news for 2021

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Featured Google snippet, definition and news for 2021

The use of featured snippet to improve the SEO of a web page has become widespread given its effectiveness. Next, it is clarified what it consists of, how many types there are and, above all, what are the news for 2021 planned by Google with a view to using this interesting way of making your proposal better known on the Internet. Definition Featured snippets (rich snippets ) are understood to be a specific format that allows Google to give a simple answer to the person looking for something in particular. These text fragments are always short and direct to achieve the goal of answering a question in the shortest possible time. They are also known as position 0 since Google indexes them before the organic results . Thus, if someone asks a question about a specific topic, the first thing they get is the most appropriate answer to it and then the list china mobile phone number of web pages that talk about the topic. Why are they so important? Basically because it turns a web page into a source of consultation confirming its specialization in the matter. If they work well, it is possible to advance in positions to the first website that has achieved its position thanks to an intense SEO work . In addition, when someone is looking for an immediate answer, they are more likely to click on the first answer instead of continuing to search for alternatives, which ends up increasing organic traffic to that web page naturally. How many types of featured snippets are there? When offering an answer, you should always take into account what the person interested in it may prefer. The types are as follows: Text snippet : It is a text fragment that can be improved with the inclusion of a photograph. Video snippet : In general, it is a video embedded in a related web page or it comes from a specialized YouTube channel. With tables and lists : It is common when Google cannot offer a specific answer to questions related to statistics, cooking recipes or the like.

How to benefit from this way of ordering the information? The process to follow is very simple since Google always gives you the option of appearing, or not, in the top positions of the SERPs . To achieve the best objectives it is advised: Consult the Google Search Evaluator Guidelines where a series of tips are offered in reference to how these fragments should be so that they are the first option offered to those who make a query. There is a category, know simple , which consists of offering a two-line answer to a question related to the topic of the website in question. It is essential to check the HTML code of the page, find the line and correct its last part so that it looks like this: content: »snippet». To offer tables and lists it is only necessary to use the corresponding HTML tags for the search engine to identify them. We must also include concrete responses by voice on the website. Voice searches continue to increase, so it is also part of the SEO of a website to record audio responses to be able to respond correctly to those interested in the topic of the same. This alternative is always perfect to become an almost mandatory reference source. In addition, it takes advantage of the trend that indicates that about 45% of Internet searches are already done by voice. What are the news for 2021 announced by Google? One of the fundamentals is that from the beginning of this year the manager of the contents of a web page must choose which one he wants to be a Featured snippet and which one will remain as content, which is offered in the SERPs (pages with results).

To date, the same page could double its organic traffic by being the first in the results list and also because of its rich snippets. The search engine has considered that this way of offering content was not the fairest with the rest of the pages and has ended up forcing websmasters to tag, in the way they prefer, each content. The trade-off is important. What is better? Get traffic exclusively, by answering questions related to the subject matter of the website or Taiwan Database by having the potential customer consult the page and see the available offers? The final decision will have a direct impact on the image of the company behind the website. The success of the web will depend on the choice of the best alternative in each house. What can be said is that the featured snippet has come to revolutionize SEO and make it easier for the most specialized pages on a specific topic to appear in the top positions of Google with all that this means.

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