Feedly loves me and has a simple (and surprising) explanation

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Feedly loves me and has a simple (and surprising) explanation

I have made a surprising discovery (at least for me) when analyzing to realize that I have a large number of subscribers through Feedly. OK come on. Not that Feedly loves me but it turns out that the other day I found out through a post by Miguel New Zealand Phone Number List that he had more than 13,000 people subscribed through this channel. It turns out that the only pages that surpass me in this ranking are Puromarketing, Territorio Creativo and Briefblog. All of them are collaborative portals of various authors. They don’t work like the typical blog, let’s say. I am not writing this post to tell you that I came fourth in a ranking but rather to share one for my curious discovery . In the mentioned ranking there are many pages that far exceed me in traffic (some with the factor 2-3) and are more or less the same age as me. Still I outperform some by a factor of 2-3 in subscribers on Feedly. Others are only 20-30% below but in many cases actively promote the Feedly subscription (which is not my case).

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The question that has arisen is the following. Why does my blog have a high number of subscribers without actively promoting Feedly and there are others who do, also surpassing me in monthly visits? I think I have a simple answer where I usually exceed the rest of blogs: frequency of content publication . In my case it is daily when the rest publish rather once or twice a week (I am not going to go into the debate on quality versus quantity of content now ). Therefore my a Taiwan Database conclusion is simple. If you want to grow faster in subscribers via Feedly, post more. And if it is quality content, even better

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