For this reason, each task must have a relationship and coherence

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For this reason, each task must have a relationship and coherence

With the other aspects of the site, simultaneously. A well-executed web architecture, which is clear and specific, helps users to be able to find what they are looking for in a simple and fast way when they are within said website. How to design a suitable web architecture? Designing a suitable web architecture consists of several steps, but without a doubt, one of the most important, or the most relevant, is the search and selection of suitable keywords to be able to structure the information on the website. This process is essential and can determine the success phone search canada or failure of your positioning. To design the architecture of a web page effectively, you must: Locate and identify keywords or key words key and difficult to position in the sector. Choose well from where these keywords will be worked ; It could be on the home page, on the service page, on the post landing, among many others. It is also advisable to design a content strategy to position those keywords much better. Keyword identification Once again we return to the subject of keywords , and this is due to their importance, as we have already been telling. In order to find and identify those most important keywords , the sector must be previously analyzed and the use of different SEO tools must be put into practice.

Among these tools we can find some such as Semrush , AhRefs or the Google Ads planner , which also helps you to know search terms, their volume, CPC, etc. Apart from these metrics, it is also recommended that you be guided by the search intention of each keyword . This refers to the type of search that the search engine can offer when faced with a query. For example, ” SEO agency ”, since it is not equal to ” what is SEO ”. For this reason, it will not occupy the same place within a web architecture. Tips for good architecture If you don’t have a very clear idea about how you can have a good architecture on your website, we want to give you some tips so that you can have a better vision of how to do it. Draw a site map: If you do not have control over the structure of the web, it is most likely that the results of the implemented strategies are not as expected and cannot be measured in the best way. For that reason, the first step is to have defined and clear the depth levels, the importance or hierarchy of each of them and the pages that they will contain. Therefore, it is imperative that a good graphical representation of how the website is to be organized is carried out. Choose a flat web architecture: In this case, it is recommended that, for a website to be well designed, it does not contain more than three levels of depth , taking the home page as level zero.

It must be taken into account that the type of web architecture affects both the user experience and the crawling of the same page. The easier and faster it is to be able to find a product, the more likely it is that the user will make the purchase (in case it is an online store). If there are many levels of depth on the web page, it will take longer to crawl the pages that may be important. It is very important that you follow these tips when you are designing the architecture of your website in order to achieve the best results. Remember that all this combined Taiwan Database will greatly help the positioning of the website, attracting much more organic traffic to it. Always remember that designing a proper web architecture is a delicate job. As we mentioned, it is intertwined with a study of keywords, the analysis of search intention and many other processes. Thanks to this previous study, you will define the most appropriate information structure for a business or website.

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