Fountain Pen, Fountain Pen or Fountain Pen

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Fountain Pen, Fountain Pen or Fountain Pen

The fountain pen, also known as a fountain pen or fountain pen, is one of the most used calligraphy pens by professionals of all kinds. This type of calligraphy pen is made up of the body, where a refillable ink cartridge is, and the nib, which is covered by a cap. pens for calligraphy Image: Technical Stationery Parts of a fountain pen Knowing the parts of this type of calligraphic pen can also help you, especially if you have to replace a part and you don’t know how to do it. pen body The body of the fountain pen mainly contains the ink charging system. This calligraphy pen, unlike the nib or dip pen, works with liquid ink cartridges inside, so you don’t need to carry a separate inkwell. This type of fountain pen is of.

Barrel or central body: contains the ink loading system. Back or culotte: opening through which the ink is loaded. Grip area or mouthpiece: it is the part of the body where the nib is inserted. Image: Nothing in the inkwell The art of each brand and designer of calligraphic pens is displayed on the outside of the fountain pens. Therefore, can be made of wood, celluloid or made through a specific craft process. fountain pen cap for calligraphy Image: Feathers Only Cap The cap or cap is the upper part of the calligraphy pen that protects the Israel Phone Number and prevents the ink from drying out. It also has ventilation holes so that moisture does not condense inside. The cap is made up of the lip, the crown, the top and the clip. Although its function is to protect the nib.

Parts of a Fountain Pen

There are calligraphy pens with designs on the cap that many fans and collectors seek. What do you think of this Montegrappa pen The Lord of the Rings edition? fountain pens for calligraphy Image: Amazon Nib It is the tip of the pen that allows us to do calligraphy. Therefore, the nibs are made of stainless steel, but you can also find gold nibs as it is an elegant and collectible piece. The parts of the nib are: Tip: part that comes into contact with the paper. Slit: the part that allows ink to be from the feeder. Breathing hole: Allows air to enter the ink channel. Ink channel: it is the opening that allows the circulation of the ink between the breathing hole and the tip. nibs for calligraphy Image.

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The writer’s tools Likewise, there are two categories of nib according to the shape of its tip: Round tips: used for daily use. Square tips: special for calligraphy. Allows you to make wide and fine lines depending on the angle of the tip on the paper. If what you are looking for are italic calligraphy pens, square nibs are your option to choose. Square nibs, in turn, are divided into italic or stub nibs. fountain pen tip shapes Image: The writer’s tools Nib sizes for fountain pens As we already told you, when choosing the type of calligraphy nib you should think about what you will use it for. For everyday writing, fountain pens with smaller nibs are often. Therefore, nibs on the other hand, allow for more variety in your line, so they’re a good option if you want artistic calligraphy pens.

Two Categories of Nib

Therefore, nibs can be into fine, medium and broad , with medium nibs being the most common to find. Let’s see what are all the nib sizes for the most common fountain pen (round). According to European and American manufacturers (Asian nibs usually have other sizes below Western ones). Extra Fine (EF): the size of the line is around 0.4mm. It is suitable for very small letters or to make details in an illustration. Fine (F): measures about 0.6 mm. It is ideal for writers with small print. Medium (M): It is approximately 0.8 mm and is for larger letter sizes. Thick (B): the width of the line is approximately 1.0 mm. It is writers and also to make signatures. Double Thick (BB) and Triple Thick (3B): the line trace exceeds 1.2 mm thick.

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