Free SEO courses: learn SEO at zero cost

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Free SEO courses: learn SEO at zero cost

The free SEO courses are a great alternative to learn about search engine positioning and start giving your first steps. They are highly recommended if you manage a web page, a blog or an online store and want to improve the SEO metrics of that domain . Free SEO courses will help you learn the basic techniques to position your site in the first search results. Read on if you want to know which are the best free SEO courses . Why study SEO More and more people are studying Free SEO courses and they do it for very different reasons. From professional profiles in the world of Digital Marketing who want to update their knowledge to young graduates who seek to carve out a professional future, through people who have a website, a blog or an online store   Taiwan Phone Number List and want to get the most out of them or users who simply They are interested in learning SEO . Studying free SEO courses is useful to know the main techniques to improve the positioning of a website. Normally, free SEO courses are aimed at people with no SEO experience. These are mostly basic SEO courses. Advantages of free web positioning courses The main advantage of free web positioning courses is obvious. They are free. It is true that today with the amount of blogs on SEO that are on the net you can find a lot of free and quality information. However, free SEO courses contain very complete syllabi in which all that information is condensed.

Another fundamental advantage of free web positioning courses is time . This type of training is very common in the online mode, which allows you to organize yourself however you want . In this way, you can combine free SEO training with other studies, work or your family life. In addition, these are usually short courses. The best free SEO courses Here is a list of some of the best free SEO courses . In this list you can find from basic free web positioning courses to more complete free SEO courses. Google SEO Course Google has a free training platform called Google Activate, which, if you didn’t know about it until now, is a good time to discover it. In the case we are talking about, which is how to learn SEO for free , of all the training that you can access on this platform, the one that best fits is the Online Course in Digital Marketing. It is a free course consisting of 40 hours of training, which is certified by IAB Spain. In it there is a day dedicated exclusively to SEO, SEM and the use of Google Analytics . If you pass and pass all the exams, you will obtain a certificate of aptitude that will show that you have passed all the modules of this free course. MOOC on SEO for Beginners The IEBS business school has a free MOOC on SEO for beginners in collaboration with the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation and the consulting firm tthegap.

As its name suggests, the SEO MOOC for Beginners is especially recommended for people who show an interest in learning SEO. Through this course you will be able to learn how a search engine works, create a blog with WordPress optimized for SEO, write optimized content and promote that content through social networks. If you start in this world, you will also feel identified with some of the situations of SEO work for beginners that we tell you. ON-Page and OFF-Page positioning techniques course The Teachlr course on ON-Page and OFF-Page positioning techniques is also structured through videos. It is a somewhat more advanced course that also allows you to obtain an accrediting certificate. This course works very well as an introduction to SEO, since it allows you to know the basic concepts necessary to position a website. Free SEO 9-day course The 9-day free SEO course on how to optimize a website and multiply traffic from search engines is a course by Alejandro González, specialist in search engine optimization and Digital Marketing strategies. This free online SEO positioning course is structured in nine classes via email. Thanks to this course you   Taiwan Database  will learn to do keyword research, audit and optimize the most important SEO factors, plan content strategies and implement them to increase your website traffic. SEO Training Course by Moz On Udemy, one of the most popular online training platforms, you can find Moz’s SEO training course. This is a 3.5 hour video course in which you will learn the most important SEO basics, techniques and tricks. If you know English, this is a great option to learn SEO and obtain an accrediting certificate. Other alternatives to learn SEO is through Digital Marketing blogs, attending SEO events and conferences or enrolling in Google Academy for Ads, the free platform to obtain Google certifications. And if you finally decide to study SEO courses for free, don’t forget these tips to choose the best Digital Marketing course.

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