From Millennials to Generation Z: they search the web for everything they need and are hard to surprise

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From Millennials to Generation Z: they search the web for everything they need and are hard to surprise

The study carried out by Publicis Media consists of two phases of analysis: qualitative and quantitative. It defines the main characteristics of Generation Z and their relationship with the media.

For the study, there has been a wide representation of young people of this generation, born between 2001 and 2007. The analyzed sample is young people between 11 and 17 years old who have individually shared how they live their day to day and have  usa phone number list  held workshops age groups. For the research, market sources such as EGM, AIMC Marcas and Kantar Media have been combined with proprietary sources from Publicis Media.

The study offers very relevant Insights to understand the concerns and habits of this generation and above all to identify keys that help brands to connect with this population group, among which are:

Gen Z is a liquid generation, highly influenced by the profound changes that the world and society have undergone in recent years and by the challenges facing the world, which they will have to face and, in the future, lead their resolution.

Their main concerns in this liquid environment are facing challenges such as the depletion of the planet; automation and its influence on the labor market (disappearance of millions of jobs and the emergence of new professions for which there is no training); the paradox of disinformation in the information age and fake news; the women’s revolution and the dilution of the boundaries between genders (March 8; Me Too movement, pride ,?) together with the increase in cyberbullying; challenges to security, especially on the Internet; etc.

Una generación diferente. Tienen una visión fluida entre lo on y offline, son red y necesitan la red, emprendedores dentro de una economía flexible, con empleos temporales y escasamente remunerados, aprenden de manera autónoma y dudan de la enseñanza reglada, apuestan por la economía colaborativa, utilizan poco la memoria, buscan en la red todo lo que necesitan, son difíciles de sorprender.

In addition, they are social animals (their friends are very important), family (they value family very much, very open and with few rules), digital (they were born with built-in technology), fast-paced (very loaded with activities, they don’t have time to rest ), he likes challenges (in many cases they consist of doing silly things, which they record and amuse them), exhibitionists (they share everything, seeking the approval of the group, very important in these times and especially at his age), open-minded ( they accept differences without problem and are willing to help), activists, risky, creative, creators (they believe that they will be able to live on the things they are passionate about), they like to pose and take photos, they are dreamers, go-getters, flirts, they health and are interested in healthy food.

What is your relationship with the media and communication channels and how do you interact with them: Television


Children consume more linear television, although sometimes from devices other than television, but, as they grow up, they begin to spend more minutes on networks such as YouTube. The most viewed channels are those that offer content focused on their age, on thematic networks and talent shows and reality shows. The elderly mainly consume series on digital platforms such as Netflix that they share with their closest environment of family and friends.

Music and humorous videos (challenges, memes and “nonsense”) occupy an increasingly important role with increasing age.

Social media
For them, social networks are a fundamental part of their ecosystem, they see them as instruments that facilitate their day-to-day life, they are part of their lives and they use them for everything, although with different approaches: Facebook for the family circle, in which they show their more conservative image; Instagram for their followers, in it they project an idealized image, in search of followers and “likes”; They dedicate WhatsApp to their closest friends and it is where they show their true self. It is the one with the highest penetration.

Electronics devices
The most used device is the mobile phone and, unlike television, they tend to use it more when they grow up.

Cinema, music, radio, reading, gaming
As teenagers they stop going to the movies when they start paying for it. Music accompanies their activities on a daily basis and they consume music on demand on Spotify. Going to concerts attracts their attention, but it is not usually their favorite activity, they prefer festivals where artists on demand can also choose.

Almost half of those surveyed used radio the day before and they do so, for the most part, using radio sets, well above mobile phones. They do it because it helps them relax and mostly they tune in to music networks.

Another activity they are passionate about is reading as they have a large number of young authors to choose from. At their birthday they go from stories to comics and manga. For the most part they read on paper and not on electronic devices. Very few read the press and those who do so focus, almost exclusively, on sports.

The readers of magazines are some more: they read those of the television channels and the older ones focus on fashion or gossip and informative magazines, like National Geographic.

Video games are a fundamental part of their life, both alone and in groups and they consume them in a multichannel way, as well as attending events or watching YouTube videos (80% of children play and 20% do it daily).

The reference influencers are those who deal with humorous issues, singers of Latin and urban rhythms, characters who have appeared in reality shows, who promote activism, who launch challenges, or the gamers who upload the videos of their games online, and, of course, make them fashion icons.

Now, in addition, there is a strong tendency to follow influencers with fewer followers than the superstars who were successful at the beginning (tendency to follow more specialized micro-influencers).

If we know their codes it will be easier to get closer to them. To connect with Gen Z it is essential to speak their language: they like simple humor, they are  usa phone number list  attracted to the visual, and they have their own gestures and vocabulary, they use words like fail (failure) or crush (platonic love).

Gen Z seeks experiences and, above all, what attracts them the most is traveling. The ideal experience has to be active, multidisciplinary, exclusively for young people and take place outdoors.

For them, the mobile is another part of their body, their family are their friends, to be silly, to play and to share. Music is fundamental in their life, they like DIY, they maintain a healthy diet and believe that the world can be cared for and changed.

This new generation has already arrived in the world of mass consumption and will be the decision makers of tomorrow’s consumption. It is essential for brands to connect with them through their language codes and by providing them with the values ​​with which they identify so that they really feel linked to a brand.

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