Generate quality traffic and leads .

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Generate quality traffic and leads .

As users freely come to our website, they are more receptive and interested in our content. It allows you to save on investment , since with a good SEO strategy you can achieve consumers in an organic way, saving us the payment of digital advertising. It manages to generate a clearer ROI and more visible metrics , because we know how many visits were converted into leads and how many of them ended up being customers. Therefore, we can know how effective our strategy will be at all times. Inbound Marketing vs. Attraction Marketing If you’ve ever heard the concept of Attraction Marketing and don’t know its definition or the difference between the two strategies, it’s time to find out. Although knowing what Inbound Marketing is, it will be very easy for find mobile phone number australia you to understand it. Attraction Marketing is a marketing strategy that strives to generate quality traffic on digital platforms, generating relevant and unique content. You sound familiar? That’s right, we could say that Attraction Marketing is one of the phases of Inbound Marketing . The difference of Attraction Marketing with respect to what is Inbound Marketing is that the latter is a more complete strategy that seeks to convert visits into leads. What is inbound marketing Inbound Marketing Trends for 2020 Video . This is the format that generates the most impact and, therefore, the one that has the most success in Inbound Marketing. With videos you can create original and creative content with a high level of viralization, especially through social networks.

With video we can recreate moments, experiences and values ​​that define the brand . what is inbound marketing Social networks . It is an essential way to achieve the objectives set. Companies must make use of them to make themselves visible, socialize with the client and improve their reputation and image. What is intended is to create a community through social networks. Podcast . It is a tool that is booming. We must not forget that a large number of inhabitants continue to be faithful to traditional radio. However, podcasts have also found a place in new online platforms, such as Spotify. This tool is an opportunity to create valuable content for the audience and generate loyalty. Voice search: at the moment Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant have become indispensable products in many of our followers’ homes. To introduce Inbound Marketing in these elements we must adapt our keywords to this new form of search, for example, using : “how to achieve a successful strategy” instead of “success strategy”. Augmented reality or interactive content : more and more users seek to be able to interact with companies with this type of content on the network. 360º videos, questionnaires or surveys are just some of the examples that we will see the most on the net in 2020.

Now that you are in context with what Inbound Marketing is , remember the following! You must periodically update your blog and social networks, to have the client on the agenda. Interact with the users who follow you , manage to give them a personalized treatment and make them feel like they are part of it. Take into account the analysis of the strategy. Today Google Analytics gives us the possibility of checking how all the phases of Inbound Marketing are working , thanks to the traffic analytics of this tool. What is inbound marketing The Inbound Marketing is a long term investment, so do not despair if the process is slow and Always attentive Taiwan Database to all factors of this strategy are well maintained to get the results you want. If you have problems managing your marketing strategies or they do not have the success you expected, do not hesitate to contact us to help you achieve it. Now that you know the ins and outs of what Inbound Marketing is , we invite you to discover another type of marketing for your company with this post on our blog: how content marketing can help improve your brand strategy .

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