Generation X – How are they different from Millennials in relation to internet consumption?

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Generation X – How are they different from Millennials in relation to internet consumption?

Although it is difficult for us to remember it – and for many even to believe it – it was not so many years ago that our society lived without an internet connection, mobile devices, computers and even without more than two television channels. This group of people are known worldwide today as Generation X . From the valencia marketing agency Esparta Digital we are going to give you a cable to understand who makes up Generation X. This is a generation that has been immersed in technological change , which has had to adapt over the years to the digital demands that have arisen . But we must not forget that they were the pioneers of technology and responsible mobile phone number directory australia for the fact that today we can live in such an interconnected world. Generation X encompasses people born between 1965 and 1980 , translated in other words: those people who at some point in their lives used the typewriter, the telefax, the hand calculators or were great allies of the floppy disk, without a doubt and with great regret, technological devices that have been long forgotten. If, on the other hand, you belong to Generation X, we are going to explain what Millennials are in a more than summarized way: they are your children, nephews or even grandchildren, that is, all those people born from 1980 to 1996 , although not yet There is consensus between the dates, you can easily recognize them because they are the ones who grew up with technology .

Generation X What is the most characteristic thing to highlight of both generations? Generation X Features The generation of change The childhood of this generation was starred by analog devices (cameras, scales or wind-up watches) and long hours playing in the streets of their neighborhood, which had to adapt to technological change and into adulthood with the first computers, televisions or phones. They were the ones who went from watching television in black and white to color, who swapped camera rolls for SD cards, and who welcomed the Internet. They witnessed an unforgettable time They lived through historical milestones as important as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Cold War or the Vietnam War, although they were also those who enjoyed Michael Jackson, the premiere of Grease or the hippie movement.

Millennials characteristics Technology is your great ally Unlike Generation X, this group of young people saw their childhood marked by an intrusion of new technological devices, so much so that nowadays they do not have a notion of life without having their mobile phone at hand or a good connection to Internet. What’s more, we can often speak of technological addiction. It is a more entrepreneurial generation The best quality of being born Taiwan Database surrounded by technological advances is the motivation and inspiration to continue innovating in this area. Many of the Millennials seek success in new creations such as web applications, video games or new mobile models. Generation X Why should you get to know these two generations better? Very easy, because at the Esparta Digital marketing agency we consider that it is essential to know who our audience is, where they are and, above all, to know their consumption habits in order to carry out a successful marketing strategy.

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