Google Academy for Ads: the platform for obtaining Google certifications

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Google Academy for Ads: the platform for obtaining Google certifications

Do you know what Google Academy for Ads is? Do you want to know how to take a Google exam? Would you like to get Google AdWords certification or Google Analytics certification? In today’s post I explain what Academy for Ads is. Read on to learn more about Google’s new platform to take courses and assessments to obtain Google certifications. What is Google Academy for Ads Google Academy for Ads is Google’s new free training platform.   Bulgaria Phone Number List   In Google Academy for Ads you will find all the courses and assessments to obtain Google certifications. With Google Academy for Ads you can learn and develop your skills to professionally manage Google’s advertising advertising tools, such as Google AdWords, and Google Analytics. Since last January 16, 2018, Google courses, exams and certifications can be found in the Google Academy for Ads. Google Academy for Ads includes all the Google guides, courses, exams, and certifications that you could previously find on Google Analytics Academy, Google AdWords Academy, and Google Partners. If you need more information about Academy for Ads, do not hesitate to consult the Academy for Ads Help Center. What Google Academy for Ads offers In Google Academy for Ads you can take the exams, although Google has preferred to call them evaluations, in Spanish and from any device to obtain the Google certifications you want. It seems that Google wants to make things easier for us and has decided to centralize its courses and certifications in this new training platform.

One of the first steps you must take in Google Academy for Ads is to complete your profile. From here you can navigate through its attractive interface, where you will find the following sections: Main page: This is the platform’s home page. Here you can obtain the different Google certifications, as well as specific recommendations for you. Browse: In this section you can find the entire Academy for Ads course catalog ordered by categories (Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Mobile). You can also access all the activities, check your achievements and check the recommendations that the platform has for you. My library: To access the courses you are currently taking, consult your favorite courses or view your course history. Help Center: A section intended to guide you on Academy for Ads and in which you can consult frequently asked questions. Comments: Google Academy for Ads wants you to contribute your grain of sand through comments and opinions that help improve the platform and it can be better adapted to your needs. And Google Partners? Google Partners still exists, although you can now use it to access promotions, insights and information about the Google Partners badge, if you are a company profile administrator. In Google Academy for Ads you can find information about your exams and certifications previously obtained through Google Partners. If you did not reject the transfer of the information, it will automatically appear in Google Academy for Ads. If you chose to decline the transfer of your exam and certification information from Google to Academy for Ads, you will still be able to view it on Google Partners, but only until April 2018. It will no longer be available afterwards.

If you still have doubts about the change from Google Partners to Academy for ads, you can read the information about the new experience of exams and certifications for Partners that Google has developed. News from Academy for Ads regarding Google Partners That Google has decided to centralize its training programs on a single platform is progress. Academy for Ads presents a much more visually attractive and intuitive design. Now you can get your Google certifications more comfortably. The arrival of Academy for Ads brings with it several news regarding Google Partners. Google has chosen the name of assessments for its exams and certifications. Academy for Ads assessments allow you to review and modify your responses before submitting them. You must pass the AdWords Fundamentals Assessment to earn your Google AdWords certification. It is now possible to obtain Google certifications through any of the training plans that include the word “certification” in their title. These training plans consist of courses that will help you better prepare for the  Taiwan Database assessments. Google has updated the AdWords evaluations. The questions have been revised taking into account the features that have changed with the new platform experience. You will no longer have to wait a week to repeat the Google Analytics assessment if you do not pass it. If you fail the evaluation, you can try it the next day. Academy for Ads allows evaluations to be carried out in up to 19 languages, including Spanish (Spain and Latin America). With Google Academy for Ads, the PDF versions of the study guides are no longer available, except for the Digital Advertising Sales. Google has decided to delete the personal public profile. When accessing it through a link, a notification appears stating that it is no longer available. Academy for Ads does not allow adding certifications on LinkedIn. It is recommended that you remove the links to your certifications from the LinkedIn achievements section, as they are not available with Academy for Ads. Have you already familiarized yourself with Academy for Ads? What do you think of this new Google training platform? If what you are looking for is training in Digital Marketing in a more general way, such as how to learn SEO for free , Google has another platform to be accredited in this type of concepts. Feel free to share your opinion with us through the comments.

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