Google Ads Ad Extensions In Google Ads

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Google Ads Ad Extensions In Google Ads

SEM The ad extensions of google ads are one of the best features Google Ads; Knowing when, why and where to use them is another story. Launching extensions on your ads just for fun is a surefire way to lower your page CTR and negatively affect your ad results. And it is that after all, with so many options, it is more difficult to use them properly than not. Since they play an important role in our quality score, if we do not use them correctly the only effect we will have will be a bad CTR. But so that this does not happen, from our digital marketing agency in Valencia we bring you the definitive guide on adwords ad extensions . This will help you decide how to use is there a mobile phone directory in australia this amazing functionality for future campaigns correctly and effectively. Ad extensions: key to solving pain points in Google Ads. Creating ads in Google Ads is not an easy task; If you have already done it (or have tried), you will have noticed one of its main problems: The character limit Title 1: maximum 25 characters. Description line 1: Maximum 35 characters Description line 2: maximum 35 characters According to this, you have around 95 characters to get a prospect’s attention. Trying to reduce a lot of information in your ads is simply impossible. You have your business phone number, coupons, discounts, links to other sites, benefits, and calls to action. This and we have not yet mentioned the most important part of your ads: the keywords .

It is impossible to communicate everything you want in a single ad with just 95 characters. This is where Google Ads ad extensions come into play: to solve all the pain points in Google Ads. So if you can’t summarize your business information in the description; use ad extensions. If you want to promote all your products / services but the character limit doesn’t help you; use ad extensions. If you want to achieve more downloads in your application; use ad extensions. According to Google: ” Ad extensions broaden your ad with additional information, giving people more reasons to choose your business.” As the name suggests, Google Ads ad extensions basically expand your ad options; They make it more relevant by adding valuable information to consumers. When you search Google, you are likely to find multiple ad extensions in a given search. This is an ad without extensions: google ads ad extensions And these are ads with extensions google ads ad extensions google ads ad extensions You see the difference? A quick look at Google Ads ad extensions The ad extensions of Google Ads is an easy way to circumvent character limits the text of the announcement of Google Ads; allows you to add additional information about your company.

This information can be displayed in various formats, although we will talk about that later. It is true that expanding the information about your business or products is the main benefit of these extensions. However extending the text in your ads is not the only reason to use Google Ads ad extensions . According to Google: “Ad extensions increase the click-through rate of an ad by several percentage points.” In Google studies, massive increases in CTR were found, up to 20% over those who don’t use them. Also, when bidding in brand search terms, you can expect 20-50% increases in CTR. Pretty convincing, right? Increasing your CTR is a sure way to generate more sales and a better return on investment. Best of all, using adwords ad extensions Taiwan Database doesn’t cost a single penny; that is, clicks do not go up in price and it does not cost anything to configure them. One of the biggest benefits of ad extensions is saving on characters; This is how you focus your efforts on creating the best possible call to action. When you’re not using ad extensions, it’s tempting to include information like coupons or discounts; It’s true that this data is good enough for increasing CTR, but it also takes up too much space. And when space is tight, your ad copy is boring, outdated, repetitive, and similar to other ads in the industry. This makes it almost impossible to stand out from the competition with simple text ads.

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