Google Ads call extensions

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Google Ads call extensions

The call extensions from Google Ads make it easy for your potential customers to contact you; This way you make sure you are present just when they need your services or your products. Secure the sale! The call extensions are supremely important for your business. Here we will teach you everything you need to know about them and how to implement them. Why are call extensions important? Imagine that after working for more than 10 hours, you come home to find your basement flooded. Your pipes were clogged and burst, causing serious damage. What is your next move? Easy: call a plumber. But which? The options are multiple and the answer is really too simple; Unless you have a reputable plumber, you will Google and the first phone austria number you find will be the one. In these types of cases, call extensions are your best option to attract potential customers who need help, products or information quickly. Rest assured that someone who has found their basement flooded will not browse your website for hours before making a purchase decision; even less will he be willing to fill out an annoying form to wait for you to contact him again. For this reason call extensions are an excellent and very important option for your business. How are these types of ad extensions displayed? When searching Google, call extensions will often show up depending on the query you made.

If you search from a computer, the extension will look like normal ad text; however, in the mobile version, the call extensions will be shown as buttons on which it will be easier for the user to click. call extensions View from mobile Configure call extensions To configure call extensions for your business, go to your dashboard and create a new extension (for this you can follow the steps in the video below) From here, you can quickly type in the phone number of your company to activate it. Next, you’ll need to enable call reporting and tell Google Ads to track ad calls as conversions. While calls are not technically conversions yet, you can tailor your metrics. Who should use call extensions? The answer to this question absolutely depends on you and the capabilities of your business. As a digital marketing agency in Valencia , we will say that it does not depend on the size of your company, or the sector of your business. All you need to ask yourself for this is: will you be able to answer the phone when it rings? If not, this resource is going to cost you a fortune; it will not be profitable. You can’t (literally) allow calls to go unanswered.

Google will charge you for each time someone clicks on call extensions ; thus, if there is no one to answer, making use of this resource will be a waste of money from your own pocket. You also can’t keep people on hold forever as 60% of consumers believe that more than a minute on hold is a compelling reason to hang up. If, on the other hand, you have an excellent sales team, it will be a very potential feature to convert indecisive customers into assured sales. Before setting up a call extension, make sure that you are ready to receive calls regardless Taiwan Database of their volume. To control it, you can edit advanced settings, such as showing only the extension during your work hours. This ensures that all calls are answered. In this way, you will prevent calls from entering when you are not in the office. This extension is great for getting quick sales for your business. Take the time to evaluate whether or not call extensions are for you. If you know that you have the capacity to bear it, what are you waiting for? If instead you decide not to, remember that there are other extensions that may be more suitable for your business; Within the options we recommend you consider the message extensions.

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