Google Ads message extensions

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Google Ads message extensions

The extensions of messages increase the chance of your potential customers to interact with your business immediately. It is necessary to admit it, although the telephone calls have not lost their validity, the truth is that many of us now prefer to send messages; we find it more practical. In fact, in our digital marketing agency in Valencia , we have noticed that most people write a message first and then, if they have not received a response, they decide to call. With inventions and the progression of technology, we have become averse to answering find phone number austria and initiating calls. The messages have become more to our liking; we write when we have 1 second to do it and we can check the answer again when we have another second in the day. Messaging, unlike a call, does not require 100% of our attention; In addition, texting has an added benefit: the information remains in writing. This is why messages are on the rise and phone calls have been affected. Proof of this is that the main interaction platforms offer the following options: WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook (Messenger);

On the other hand, applications like Snapchat have asked for popularity due to the ephemerality of the messages that are sent. All of these apps are dedicated to messaging or revolve around messages in some way. So why not take advantage of this dynamic culture and change by using message extensions in your next Google ad? How do message extensions work? Unfortunately, message extensions are not widely used by companies in their advertisements; however they are quite simple. They allow customers to text your business for information, rather than calling. It’s a great alternative or helps your call extensions to drive quick sales, even if a person is reluctant to talk on the phone. Set up these ad extensions To configure message extensions , go to your panel and create a new one from the extensions page; For this, you can follow the directions in the video below. When setting up message extensions , things can get a bit complicated as serious campaign-based specialization is required. There are a few key components to each message extension: Extension text: This is essentially the title, that is, the text that is included to convince people to send the text message. Message text: The text of the message is different.

When a user wants to send you a message from the extension, they must click on the text of your extension. From here, the user’s preferred text messaging app will open and fill it in with the text of the message, saving the user a lot of time writing their own message. In this way, we are encouraging visitors to write to us by easily starting the conversation. What to keep in mind when creating message extensions As with callout ads , the key aspect Taiwan Database to consider when writing these texts is specificity . These message extensions must be customized for each campaign or ad group, not at the account level. In this way, you can adapt the text of the message to each product you sell instead of using generic text. As with call extensions, you can adapt the advanced settings to only show this extension during business hours when you can respond quickly. Amparo Domingo Santolaya

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