Google Ads sitelink extensions

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Google Ads sitelink extensions

Like callout extensions, link extensions are a favorite for Google Ads users. They are extremely easy to add and provide tons of value for the little effort it takes to use them. What are link extensions for? You are looking for a product for the first time, for example, you want to learn more about SEO tools; So you go to Google and look for SEO tools but you are not yet well informed on the subject. Clicking on the first link that pops up may seem too hasty; you don’t even know what exactly you are looking for. It is precisely in these situations that sitelink extensions austria cell phone number format come into play . In this case, we would be helping an indecisive user who wants more information before heading to a purchase page. In general, Google Ads only allows you to offer a single destination URL, which is usually your website; With link extensions , we can direct the user to other informational pages so that they can collect more information on the subject before deciding to make the purchase. The key here is relevance. If you promote socks, add links to sites that talk about different types of socks or the benefits of your socks; do not use link extensions to sell hats or other accessories.

The trick is to keep your sitelinks as specific and similar to your original ads. How to create link extensions in Google Ads ads? To set up sitelinks , you’ll need to go to your dashboard and create them as a new ad extension. If you have doubts about the process you can see how to do it in the video below From here, you have tons of leeway to edit them as you wish: Sitelink extensions also allow you to add tons of additional text; allows you to add 25 characters for the link text and 35 characters for each description line. In essence, they will look like callout extensions but with links to a specific site. Here’s an example. Recommendations of Esparta Digital Because we are a Digital Agency and we are immersed in the digital world Valencia we will give you some tips. There are a few things to keep in mind when creating ads with link extensions . We are a Valencia digital marketing agency, so these are our recommendations for you. Use full sitelink extensions with completed description information and callout extensions.

Or on the contrary … Use only sitelink extensions without descriptions and no callouts to avoid making your ad look too cluttered and repetitive. Before setting up your links to other sites, be sure to edit this very important feature: “Add.” The default settings are tied to your account; this means that this sitelink will be added at the account level and will apply to Taiwan Database all ads. However this will not be our objective; what we really want is sitelinks to relate to each ad or campaign specifically. Important In the advanced options settings, you can re-tailor your sitelinks under the same features as the callouts: Do you have specific mobile links to share? Select “Mobile” as your preferred device. And that’s it. Now you can add sitelink extensions to your ads to provide users with more depth and choice.

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