GOOGLE DRIVE It is the data storage service on the Internet like Windows

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GOOGLE DRIVE It is the data storage service on the Internet like Windows

Office or Open Office online. It is a great help for students because you agree to open folders, store, upload files, and invite another user to edit or comment on the shared material. In addition, you can modify documents online in different formats, create forms, exams, calculation templates, PDF and edit slides. In the free version you have 15GB of storage capacity. BUDDYPRESS It is a wizard if you build your website with WordPress . With this tool you have user profiles, sequence of activities and messaging. For users, we find the possibility of designing their own profiles, sharing statuses, sending messages and opening groups. In addition, it allows you to include messages with attached documents and create your own wall similar to that of Facebook. MEMBERPRESS It is a content protection plugin that serves to project a membership site or indian phone company membership sites in WordPress . This means that only registered users on the platform can access the courses. Remember that WordPress will only protect certain articles and pages of your website (you decide this with a specific tag). With the extra sections of your administration panel, you make courses, modules and lessons available to students. It will be of great support if you decide to offer one-time alternatives or on the contrary create your virtual school or academy. ACTIVE MEMBER It is a powerful plugin that is integrated with Woocommerce, Learn Dash, and ActiveCampaign. It allows you to have control over each area of ​​your website, content and products.

In addition, you have the option of making each member’s experience unique based on what you know about them. WOOCOMMERCE The free eCommerce sales plugin par excellence. You can sell physical or digital products, in various presentations, formats and sizes. It has more than 140 payment gateways, limits access from certain countries, offers reservations, memberships or subscriptions and even establishes discounts for downloads. And best of all, with WooCommerce you have control of your website, from inventories to customer accounts. In terms of usability, it is linked to WordPress therefore the easiest learning curve. SPECIALIST PROGRAM IN WEB DESIGN Build your own business, step by step, doing something that every business needs: a website. You will be able to create and sell web pages to be able to leave your current job and live from the freedom of digital businesses. RESERVE YOUR PLACE 3. Website design Once you know the different options in terms of platforms and necessary tools, it is time to get down to work and create your online school.

The first point is to decide if you are going to take care of the web design or you are going to hire a web designer. If you decide on the first option, I recommend that you take a look at this article where I explain how to be a web designer. 4. Upload your content Once you have prepared your website, it is time to move on to the next level, the content of your course. Before starting, you have to decide if you will be the only teacher or if you are going to form a team of specialized teachers in the different training areas. In the event that you choose the second Taiwan Database option, keep in mind that you will have to make a distribution of the profits. Therefore, I recommend that at the beginning you start by yourself and once your “digital baby” grows, you incorporate specialists to the team, if the course requires it. How am I going to deliver the content? There are several modalities: Live classes with students. Recorded classes so that students can access them whenever they want. The main thing is that the teachers are available to clarify the doubts that arise, in this way you generate the level of trust of your users and increase their satisfaction. 5. Promote your platform to get students And we come to the last, and not least, part of your journey: promotion and recruitment of students . Selling virtual education is one of the most powerful trends today.

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