Google Search Console: Features and Tricks In Marketing Tools

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Google Search Console: Features and Tricks In Marketing Tools

SEO Despite being just as important to any website as Google Analytics, Google Search Console is usually more careless when analyzing pages. Formerly known as Webmasters Tool, Google Search console is a free analysis tool offered by Google with multiple advantages. For this reason, as SEO of a digital marketing agency in Valencia (Esparta Digital), I want to talk to you about the functions, advantages and some tricks of this tool for the SEO analysis of your website. SEO benefits of Google Search Console As I mentioned earlier, this Google tool cell phone use in afghanistan has multiple benefits for the SEO of a web page; below I will mention the main ones for myself and a brief explanation about each one: Instant alerts on failures Malware, coding errors, and other issues can quickly block your site from being indexed. With the Google search console, you can organize alerts when a crisis like this occurs, so that your list stays online as long as possible. Free analysis tool (and it’s from Google) Unlike most sophisticated analytics tools, Google Search Console is absolutely free. Just follow the instructions to verify your site.

You could be seeing enlightening search statistics in as little as 20 to 30 minutes. This will allow you to know the current state of your page in search engines and, the best part, is that it is a tool offered by Google, the almost global search engine par excellence. Full control over SEO It tells Google which pages it should index, which ones it shouldn’t, it removes URLs that have already been indexed , it blocks incoming links that may be toxic. Google Search Console will allow you to have full control over the SEO functions of your website. Google Search Console features The Google Search Console contains a large number of functions that can be used for the analysis and optimization of a website. These are the most useful functions (in my opinion): Storing an XML sitemap: All the URLs of a website can be transmitted to Google through the XML sitemap. Although this does not guarantee future indexing, there is a chance that even difficult to access elements on the page will still be crawled. In addition, you can also set up a sitemap with separate images or a video map. The tool analyzes each map after loading for errors. robots. If a robot is stored. txt, it can be analyzed with the Google Console. New instructions for the bot can also be tested there. Site settings: You can select your preferred country, as well as information about the desired default domain format and set the crawl speed (up to two server requests per second).

If you don’t know the performance of your server, you should let Google do the setup automatically. Ignorance of backlinks: One of the most discussed tools on the SEO scene in recent years is the GWT disavow tool. Inbound links can be declared invalid if a webmaster believes that these links are more harmful than beneficial. Many SEOs believe that Google uses the data from this tool to discover link networks. In the new version of Google Search Console this function is not yet found, however, you can find it here . Ignore URL parameters: SEOs and webmasters can use GWT to override individual parameters of a URL. You can determine if the parameter influences the content or if it is, for example, a tracking parameter like “utm”. Removing URL from index: An important feature of Google Webmaster Tools is the temporary removal Taiwan Database of URLs from the Google index. This is useful when individual subpages are inadvertently listed in the index. This function does not replace exclusive indexing through tags like noindex. For more information on this process, visit our blog post on removing / de-indexing URLs in the new Google Search Console . Data Highlighter: This function allows you to mark the relevant positions of a web page so that Google can identify structured information, such as office hours and prices.

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