Google Shopping: Dare to maximize your sales during the Christmas holidays

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Google Shopping: Dare to maximize your sales during the Christmas holidays

There are only a few weeks left to receive the arrival of Christmas and with it, the gifts. We are currently in the middle of the Christmas shopping campaign, so all businesses seek to reach more customers and sell more products. If you are an online business owner, you are interested in including Google Shopping among your marketing strategies. Therefore, as a Valencia digital marketing agency , we want to show you the different benefits of using this advertising service and how it can benefit your business. What is Google Shopping Google Shopping is a shopping search engine offered by Google. This service allows customers to search, view and compare prices or products of those items that interest them. In this advertising platform, products are displayed algeria mobile number at the top of the search results , when the customer searches for something specific. When the user clicks directly on the Google Shopping ad, they are redirected to the store’s product page, which means that brands have a significant opportunity to acquire new customers and generate more sales. google shopping spain Tool benefits Give your brand more visibility Google Shopping is a more visual way of advertising, since you are not only describing your product, but a file of it is displayed, with relevant information, such as image, price, brand, etc. which, together with the Google Ads ads, will generate greater visibility for your brand within the search engine. Increase Return on Investment Using Shopping ads can help you improve the general CTR of your Google Ads account , since by advertising on the search and Shopping networks simultaneously, we have more options to get the user’s click.

This, together with the greater visibility of your brand, will allow you to improve the return on your investment. A higher ROI means that you can enjoy greater profitability in your business, generating more sales for a given investment. Helps you get better qualified traffic When customers click on your ad, they have already gathered enough useful information about your product: Visual information : they have seen the image of the product and found it attractive. Economic information: they have been able to see and compare the price of the product and have considered that it is the one that best suits their budget. For these two reasons, people who click on the Google Shopping ad are more determined to buy . Helps you generate a broader reach and stand out from the competition With this type of advertising, you can reach more potential consumers and stand out from your competition , showing the competitive advantages of your services, compared to others. Generates the benchmarking of offers Google also offers benchmarks to the user so that they can make a better comparison between all the ads. Discover their latest updates New markets available Its latest update has made this service necessary for all types of online commerce, especially if you are looking to sell in other countries. Last November this service was expanded and is now available in 50 more new markets . google shopping spain Automated feeds Another advantage of this update is the automated feeds . Generating the product database can be, in some cases, a very technical and tedious task. This problem has been solved thanks to the new service readjustment. The new Google Merchant Center helps you eliminate this step by crawling the website and using structured data to get the most up-to-date information about the product. This type of automated feed means that constantly changing product information, such as availability (in stock, out of stock), price, or shipping costs, will be updated immediately. It’s worth noting that although automated databases sound like the perfect solution, they always rely on updating data from the web.

Eliminate promotional overlays How many times have your company’s products been rejected due to a promotional watermark or image overlay? Google Merchant Center now has an option to do this automatically. This translates to more approved products, leading to more clicks and more product sales. Why you should add this tool to the marketing strategies carried out by your company Google Shopping adds a visual touch to a search and shopping experience that would otherwise require a lot of text. Google Shopping allows you to appear multiple times in Google SERPs , as a result of a website, a text-only PPC result, and a Shopping result. This way of Taiwan Database advertising has been shown to have 30% higher conversion rates than text ads. It will allow buyers to filter by price, size, fabric and other characteristics of their interest. As a Valencia digital marketing agency , we will help you define this advertising strategy, at the same time that we will help you improve the positioning of your website and your products. Contact us to find out about all the digital marketing services that we can offer you and encourage yourself to optimize your company’s Christmas campaign . You still have time!

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