Google Web Stories is coming to WordPress!

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Google Web Stories is coming to WordPress!

For a couple of years we have already seen how Google took its first steps in the world of stories that we are so used to seeing on Social Networks, starting with Snapchat, following on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and, recently also joined this wave, Twitter Well, this year Google is willing to give a boost to this new format now from WordPress. Content creators, this is for you! ? What are Google Web Stories? We are going to start by telling you what Google Stories are , in case you are not aware of them yet. Google Stories are what you can imagine, list of india numbers fast consumer stories, but this time, viewed from Google’s own search engine. Where can we find Google Stories? Web stories can appear in Google search results, in Google Images, Discover and in the Google App. From any of these means, the stories will take the user to a full screen view where they see the sequence elements of the stories. On this occasion, what Google offers us is an evolution of the AMP Web Stories that have already been in operation for a couple of years, as we mentioned from the beginning. But, this time, from WordPress, the most used content manager to create websites so far. And another good news we are going to give you, if you have affiliate links , you can use it in them! Not only that, but Google Web Stories can also be monetized. How are you reading it. We are already verifying that this functionality is worth keeping an eye on, right? Let’s now see how it organically influences our site.

What SEO impact do these stories have? Being a new functionality of Google, we have to think that it will be taken into account for the SEO positioning of each website. Without going any further, through these stories it will be possible to link URLs , unlike other social networks in which you may not have that option available. What does this mean? Greater traffic for the webs , indeed. You may also wonder how to position these stories . Do not worry that we will tell you a little later in this article. As we said, we will be aware of these Google stories. And it is that, although it is still early to be able to give exact data on what the use of Google Stories will mean in the SEO positioning of our websites, it is true that they point to good manners , so we advise you not you lose sight of them. John Mu already said it a few months ago: Google recommendations for creating Google Stories Google gives a series of technical recommendations when using this new format.

These recommendations are: Full story : since Google’s intention is to offer quality content to the user, it is convenient to avoid Google Web Stories that require the user to click to obtain all the information. So, if you want to use your stories to lead a user to one of your articles, make sure you provide quality information before submitting to that site. Affiliate programs : if you use affiliate links, it is recommended not to use more than one of those links. Length of the story : the length must be between 5 and 30 pages as a limit, although Google Taiwan Database suggests 10 to 20 pages. Title length : use short and concise titles, preferably less than 40 characters. The text of the story : the text should be less than 200 characters per page, focusing each page on a single idea. Video : if you use videos, it is recommended that they be less than 15 seconds per page, and in no case exceed 60 seconds. Another good practice recommended by Google is that the video includes subtitles.

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